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Euro Indoors w60mH finals


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  • Euro Indoors w60mH finals

    Start list:

    1089 Hildebrand, Nadine GER
    1058 Billaud, Cindy FRA
    1004 Berings, Eline BEL
    1161 Vukicevic, Christina NOR
    1072 Claxton, Sarah GBR
    1114 O'Rourke, Derval IRL
    1209 Solovyova, Anastasiya RUS
    1027 Skrobáková, Lucie CZE

    I hadn't realised that Claxton was the only athlete to break 8 seconds in the semis which was a bit of a surprise.

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    Having never managed to convert her form through the major champs before, she's oddly turning into a major championship performer- average heat, good semi and through to the final- she did the same thing in the Olympics...

    Hope she can do better in the final than she did there...
    Oh LOL...


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      Claxton was not in the race at any point...Skrobakova on the other hand PB:s with 7/100 do set a new NR with 7,95!!


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        Originally posted by LopenUupunut
        I find it hard to bet against Berings in w60mH. She already has three sub-8 clockings this year and appears to be in 7.90 form (which should be enough to win).
        Full points to self, I'd say. The time was a teensy bit slow but let's attribute that to a long and tiring day :wink:

        Pity Onyia wasn't here though, would have been interesting to see if my prediction'd still have held. (Timewise as well as placingwise. Could be just an illusion but Berings seems to have problems when not in the lead.)


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          what happened to Claxton she was looking so good, lets hope shes not becoming a semi finalist specialist....

          I think she pretty much gave up coming off the last hurdle though, she realised the medals were long gone....


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            She clattered the last hurdle badly which is what the problem was...though yes, the medals were long gone by then.

            I don't think she'd have coped with Berings in the final to be honest, but I reckon the silver was up for grabs. And just when I thought she'd got over her mental "issues" :roll:


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              Final 18:40 06.03.2009
              Rank Bib Athlete Nation Result
              1 1004 Berings, Eline BEL 7.92 NR EL
              2 1027 Skrobáková, Lucie CZE 7.95 NR
              3 1114 O'Rourke, Derval IRL 7.97 SB
              4 1161 Vukicevic, Christina NOR 8.04
              5 1209 Solovyova, Anastasiya RUS 8.05
              6 1089 Hildebrand, Nadine GER 8.16
              7 1058 Billaud, Cindy FRA 8.19
              8 1072 Claxton, Sarah GBR 8.21


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                Even if she had just recreated her semi final time it would have been a bronze medal.

                I do though still think that she will get the national record outdoors this summer and as shes shown before does quite well in the semi's so i reckon a final placing in Berlin as well lol !


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                  these new names ( not just in this event, but all these events ) is becoming overwhelming !

                  i never thought i'd live to see the day a scrubberrova woud run 7.95 !!!


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                    Onyia has a provional ban ,he tested positive last september , the Spanish Athletic Federation (RFEA)don´t consider probed the doping ,but the IAAF belive that she tested positive .

                    The TAS will make a decision briefly

                    More information in the Spanish newspapers

           ... idep_5/Tes