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time for alphabet-soup boys to put their heads together?


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  • time for alphabet-soup boys to put their heads together?

    New headlined stories on front page today include one where USATF's Doug Logan signs off on Project-30's recommendation about how before an athelte who is a drug positive can be reinstitued they need to (and I paraphrase mightily) come clean on everybody in their supply line. Name names, or you can't come back.

    Meanwhile, the IAAF is now threatening "bringing the sport into disrepute" charges against Dwain Chambers precisely becuase his new bio does precisely that, starts to name some names?

    Welcome to 1984.

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    An overt threat to all, do not implicate the IAAF in your accusations or talk bad about one of their own.

    I think the word is censorship


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      To be fair, Chambers is supposed to have named names to UK Sport already last year.


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        I agree with this paragraph in article in today's Times:

        "However, it is ridiculous to suggest you can lie, cheat, take drugs and serve a two-year ban, but it is only when you talk about it and get personal that you bring the sport into disrepute."

        And, in my mind at least, this is telling. The establishment never appreciate being attacked:

        "Meanwhile, the IAAF Council will debate Chambers's case at its next meeting in a fortnight and will decide whether he has brought the sport into disrepute by profiting from his infamy via his autobiography and attacking figures such as Lord Coe and Lord Moynihan." ... 871304.ece