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USATF Champs Schedule Now Published


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  • USATF Champs Schedule Now Published

    still pending final tweaking, of course ... hedule.asp

    lots of mix and match between the Juniors and Seniors.

    And, sigh, one of my pet peeves continues: a flights system for the field events instead of proper qualifying rounds and finals. I'm convinced this plays at least a small part in the current poor showings of U.S. field eventers at the WC and OG. The NCAA foisted this malarkey on everybody for a decade and though they switched back, USATF went the other way. So we have a whole generation of jumpers and throwers with little experience at a proper Q-round.

    Mimicking 4 rounds of sprinting may not be needed for the selection meet, but I'm firmly convinced it is for the field disciplines.

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    Note also that compared to the '07 Nationals, the Juniors have been shortened by a day, so that means that the stuff that was on Wednesday In Indy--first day of the Junior hept/dec--now gets added into the Thursday-Sunday window.


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      Can someone please explain the logic behind a flight system for field events? Such a bastard system makes absolutely no sense to me...


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        allows them to run the Juniors in conjunction with the Seniors (and don't even get me started on that!), because it reduces load on the facility?

        I can't think of any other reason, although I guess the NCAA didn't have that problem when it went to that aberration.


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          Now here you go, four days of track from morning to night, always something going on. MUCH better than the OT dragging half as many events out over twice as many days plus, now get this, because half as many events over twice as many days is so damn tiring, we had a couple of rest days!


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            Unfortunately, not always something of value (to me at least) going on.

            A nightmare to do decent presentation on and many great performances will simply go unnoticed in all the crush.

            Terrible setup for those who want to be able to sit and appreciate all the events. But I guess there aren't all that many of us.