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Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)


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  • Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

    In Stockholm. ... m&lang=eng

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    Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

    Holm had two fantastic misses at 2,37 before clearing on his 3rd attempt.

    Two VERY VERY VERY narrow misses at 2,40 before missing his third attempt.

    All this despite having a stomach ache and not particularly liking the track.

    Bergqvist cleared 2,00m in her 2nd-straight meet, though her form is not quite up to higher-height standards as of yet. Took three attempts at 2,04m, but again, looked like she needs a few more meets to get her rythm and form in tact. Palomar over 1.97.

    OLSSON: First attempt in the TJ was 17,64 despite missing all of the board - add another 20cm to that jump (17,84m!!!). He also missed the board on two other jumps. His final attempt, he looked determined, but ran through the sand after his 3rd hop.

    Borzakovskiy sharp in the mens 800m... ran last the first lap, then moved up to 4th, then 2nd at the bell. Pulled away with 80m remaining to run 1.44 WL.

    Klüft -- first appearance this year... looked out of rythm, but will bounce back after a few meets. She stated that she should have had a meet before this one due to the track and the public support... stated her form is good, and has been doing a lot of weight training.


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      Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

      Holm was fired up! He did miss for the first time this season at 2.27 - his first time not clearing up to 2.30 on his first attempt... though he PRd, perhaps the extra jump cost him in on of his ever-so-close first two attempts at 2.40m. His right calve hit the bar on the way down on both attempts... he cleared the height but missed based on a technical issue with his follow-through.

      Stefan Holms 5 best all-time:

      237i - Stockholm, SWE - 12 feb 04
      236i - Arnstadt, GER - 8 feb 03
      236i - Arnstadt, GER - 7 feb 04
      235 - Zürich, SUI - 16 aug 02
      235i - Birmingham, GBR - 15 mar 03

      - Total 58 meets over 230

      Last two meets:
      237i - GE Galan - Stockholm/G, SWE - 12 feb 04
      236i - Arnstadt, GER - 7 feb 04


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        Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

        Klüft to Aftonbladet a few minutes ago (translated):

        " I have jumped much better in training, but the track here felt a little giving and I didn t get the right approach to work out. The feeling was there and some of the jumps were quite long, although I jumped over the board. It is nice anyway that the debut is over. I am competing again on Saturday in Finland, and already look forward to that," said Klüft who didn t get to go directly to the next event which she usually does in the heptathlon.

        " If I had been able to to that then I think that I would have gotten out the aggression and not stood here and been disappointed".


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          Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

          Holm is just stinkin awesome. He has three more good shots at 2.40 this indoor season. Swedish Championships in Goteburg (he says he like that track), Talinn indoor high jump mtng, or Budapest. Go Stefan!
          If you're ever walking down the beach and you see a girl dressed in a bikini made out of seashells, and you pick her up and hold her to your ear, you can hear her scream.


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            Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

            Here's a quote from the "News" section of the Stockholm website:

            Stefan is lucky 13
            12 feb 2004

            Stefan Holm's year 2004 is looking to be his best ever. So far, he's acheived 2.31-2.34-2.36-2.37. He's currently the 13th best high jumper ever.

            - It happens so rarely that I am able to make a PB these days. Competitions where I jump over 2.35 maybe aren't everyday occurences, admits Stefan. I remember when I tried to clear 2.40 for the first time. I got chills when the speaker said "2.40."
            Stefan's first two tries over that height were really good.
            - I wasn't fast enough to make it over. In Arnstadt, it was just the opposite and I didn't have the height.
            If you're ever walking down the beach and you see a girl dressed in a bikini made out of seashells, and you pick her up and hold her to your ear, you can hear her scream.


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              Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

              Holms homepage and his version of how things went yesterday... picked up after his 2,31m jump (translated from Swedish):

              "Quite happy with the day and furthermore with a strange ache in the stomache I chose to chance it a bit by putting the bar up to a PR jump - 2,37 cm!!

              "In all reality, I had no big intentions of clearing, but wanted to offer a couple - three - good attempts anyway.

              "Stood there on the track before the first jump and had really only one thought in my head: Push well on the runway, run so much as you can and then you can se how it ends...

              "To my biggest surprise it ended with me almost clearing!!

              "Surprised over this strange fact, I fired up all cylinders and performed at least a similarly good 2nd try...

              "I didn t really make any big mistakes in either the first or the, more than that I scratched...but so in the 3rd and final the final jigsaw puzzle piece fell into place - good push throughout the whole runup, good speed in to the jump and a really good hit when it was best needed... and I lifted... and the bar lay there still!!

              "237 cm, worlds best for the fourth meet in a row and most importantly a new personal record!!

              "That it was furthermore the highest someone has ever jumped indoors in Sweden it it didn t make things any worse, I assume...

              "So there was just one thing to do (after the 2,37m attempt) - up with the bar another 3 centimeters in the hunt for the dream height of all dreams.

              "Still revved up and loaded as heck, I unloaded a really, really good first attempt (at 2,40m). I had the height so that it both reached and became over, but not really enough speed to be able to get over the bar...

              "In principle, a similar second attempt before the energy and strength tired before the final round...

              "So it was a 2,37m finish - 2,40m will need to wait a couple more days - but it was honestly speaking not much to complain about..."

              Excerpted from Holms homepage:


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                Re: Holm world leader, 7-9 1/4 (2.37)

                Holm said something else to Aftonbladet which I found quite interesting.
                He agreed that he was not supposed to be in top shape this early in the season but since he was, he was going to get as much out of it as possible. He could not be certain when he would be able to feel this great again.
                He also said it was difficult to gauge top (or peak) shape.