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    Originally posted by eldrick
    jesus ******* christ !

    it's only bloody coffee !!!
    Exactly. Not quite like cigarettes.


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      Originally posted by lonewolf
      My eldest daughter, a brilliant and successful Seattle attorney, who otherwise has no known, or admitted bad habits, (except political) is a coffee junkie, absolutely worthless until she has her morning (Starbcks) coffee.
      She even has a favorite Starbucks barista house sit when out of town
      When she visits me, she refuses the instant coffee that I keep for such emergencies and drives four miles to a Starbucks, in her jammies, for her coffee fix.
      A few years ago we had a Cat 1 hurricane or TS hit this area which did minimal damage but knocked power out. As the storm subsided it turned to Saturday morning. The only place around that seemed to have power was a Target. In that Target was a Starbucks. Based on the line, the entire town needed a coffee fix that morning.


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        Originally posted by bad hammy
        I cut caffeine from the diet about five years ago. But, every once in a while I utilize it and it works wonders. Think long road trips. Once or twice a year I'll be driving one. Pull into a local Starbucks, pick up a quad-shot mocha and I am good for 15-18 hours.
        ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.