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Speeding up a meet: New Rules for Throws and Running


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  • Speeding up a meet: New Rules for Throws and Running

    Actually, part of this could be solved by a simple rule change (that would also apply to the TJ and to the throws. Regulations about leaving the pit before measure, or throwers having to exit from the back half of the ring. The original intent of these rules is to make sure that the athlete is under control, so it isn't actually a foul. If the athlete has clearly stopped moving, and has control of body, it shouldn't matter when/where they exit the bloody area of play. The measuring should begin right away. This too would save significant time in getting field events out of the way.
    Coming from GH it's a nice sentiment that a major goal of the sport should be to get the field eventers out of the way! I'm sure is wasn't meant in any mean spirit, I'm just sayin'...

    If you want to speed up the throws, 3 things need to happen at major i.e. large invitationals (both HS and College)

    1. Get more people in and around the sector to retrieve implements and get them back to the throwers. Nothing slows down a comp more than a kid standing around waiting for his favorite disc to be returned to him after it was thrown by a previous competitor.

    2. Quit measuring every throw for every flight. Except in the most elite flights of the most elite meets, just give the kids a measured throw and if there is a tie (the only reason for multiple measurements) there is a tie. Split the points and move on. Use markers. ("HADDA BETTER!" takes a lot less time than mesuring a 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th throw) If it is genuinely close, throw down a second marker for the kid.

    3. In all large meets, establish a minimum performance standard in all throws. Paint a big, colored arc that must be thrown past in order to earn a measurement. If a HS boy can't throw 35' in the shot, he doesn't get a mark. He's not ready to go to a big meet, anyway. If he can't throw 120' in the disc, he's not ready. Give these kids a level of proficiency to shoot for.

    Let these less talented kids compete in duals and smaller meets (any meet with 18 throwers or less) and they can set all the PR's they can. But quit polluting the big meets with 3-5 flights of 12 guys who wind-up, back and forth, like a metronome in the back of the ring for 25 seconds before they throw 84' in the discus.

    And finally regarding the throws, keep the rules regarding exiting the back of the ring in place. It eliminates the judgement call that would inevitably exist if an athlete appeared to walk out "under control." Walking out the back of a 7' circle (as opposed to the front) might save 0.6 seconds per throw. It is worth that 0.6 seconds to eliminate the arguments that judging going out the front "under control" would create. Anytime you give an official an opportunity to use "judgement" instead of a clear rule, you're asking for trouble. We're all human after all.

    By the way, If you want to speed up big track meets get those runners OUT OF THE WAY. I'm not kidding... If 13 minutes have gone by in the boys 3200m, the race should be declared OVER! Quit letting these sloths run around the track for another 3-4 minutes. The boys 800m should be set to end at the 2:35 mark... In all running races 400m+ when the minimum time is reached, a huge horn blows and everyone still running has to get off the track and we move on with the meet.

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    I can't seriously argue against any of these proposals.
    A minimum distance for horizontal jump to be measured is fairly common. Helps a little but you still have to rake the pit.
    What I really dislike is having a set time, with no limit on number of attemps, by which jumpers must achieve a qualifying mark to enter the actual competition. You get kids who could not make the mark if you gave them an extra step coming down the runway ten time, jumping a little less each time, so exhausted they could not jump anymore unless Providence intervened and levitated them past the magic distance.