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  • Amman Start Lists Now Available

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    a fearsome prospect to all !

    the A-team !!!

    [image removed by mods: we don't just steal other people's pictures and post them to this site; you should know better... way better]


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      I'll bet these guys knees don't hurt.


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        There's an IHT story now on the front page about Amman in which they note that this meet's not an easy sell:

        <<...Although 508 runners from 63 nations have made the trek here to compete, these championships are only of interest in a handful of African and Mideast countries. There is hardly a global clamor to organize them, considering that track and field’s governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations, had to use the powers of persuasion this month to belatedly find a host for the edition next year, which will be in Bydgoszcz, Poland....>>

        Does the fact that European runners are now essentially non-factors in the race mean that it's going to get harder and harder to find a European city willing to host?

        (if you want to point to Kenyan-dominated big-Euro-city marathons, I'd note that 20,000 of the locals also get to be part of those---that's it! They need to open World Cross to the masses! :twisted: )


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          Well, I'm happy for those two countries that dominate, and there is an element of European (and other) nations effectively taking their balls away and refusing to play if they're not allowed to win. Let's look at the placings of the top 3 runners of non-African descent (recent descent I mean!) in the men's individual (long) race for the past 10 years shall we?

          2008: 19th (Torres, USA), 24th (de la Ossa, ESP), 31st (Mottram, AUS)
          2007: 45th (Letherby, AUS), 50th (Guerra, POR), 51st (Yang, CHN)
          2006: 17th (de la Ossa, ESP), 25th (Silva, POR), 27th (Henriques, POR)
          2005: 14th (Lebid, UKR), 22nd (Mottram, AUS), 24th (de la Ossa, ESP)
          2004: 13th (Mottram, AUS), 19th (Brown, GBR), 21st (Troop, AUS)
          2003: 16th (Henriques, POR), 17th (Martinez, ESP), 18th (Rey, ESP)
          2002: 19th (Henriques, POR), 24th (Ritzenhein, USA), 25th (Bozhko, UKR)
          2001: 2nd (Lebid, UKR), 4th (Guerra, POR), 9th (Gomez, ESP)
          2000: 8th (Lebid, UKR), 10th (Henriques, POR), 12th (Castro, POR)
          1999: 3rd (Guerra, POR), 8th (Brown, GBR), 10th (Castro, POR)

          Info thanks to the IAAF website.

          So, no non-African in the top 10 since 2001. And the runners in recent years have been great runners, hardly also-rans. It'd be understandable to see a drop in interest wouldn't it?