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Okie HSer Jack Whitt 18'0.25" (5.49m) at Texas Relays


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  • Okie HSer Jack Whitt 18'0.25" (5.49m) at Texas Relays

    Next stop, Tommy Skipper's record 8-)

    Jack has an incredible amount of potential. He has been coached by Tim McMichael and he has a really nice looking vault. He's barely seen the inside of the weight room and looks like he will keep growing and adding muscle in college. He's got a good frame on him, but he's not a man-child the way Skipper was.

    Nice kid and nice family too! He will be sticking close to home and going to Oral Roberts next year. Too bad Oklahoma decided pole vaulters weren't a good investment, Jack was really interested in going there. I wonder if OU regrets that decision now?

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    Nice! Lotta season to go to get that record.


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      I saw him jump 17' with ease at the Pole Vault Summit and was surprised that he didn't clear 17'4" that night. I can't remember whether he was jumping short-run or not, but I was a little surprised to hear of his recent 17'10 1/2" clearance and even more now that he's gotten over 18'. He didn't impress me as being explosive enough to scale record-level heights, but he's doing just fine. Shows what I know! I think he's a solid long-term talent, and like you said, will fill out over time, especially if he starts to frequent the weight room. He has the size, speed, and talent to go far. Here's to hoping that he picks-off the HS record (which one? who really has it?) and continues on to become a force in the event.


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        Originally posted by bad hammy
        Nice! Lotta season to go to get that record.
        It's only his 2nd outdoor meet of the year. Last 3 weeks have been canceled due to weather and he's had no practice according to his dad.


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          He tried 18-3.25, not really close but his 18-1.25 would have cleared it cleanly.


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            Jack Whitt joins the elite 18 foot club for high school only six have done this ever


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              Wow - smooth as silk. Who (Becca?) has the stats on this kid?
              other events (i.e., speed?)

              He certainly looks like the Real Deal, aka, a 19'er sooner than later.

              edit - found some answers on Becca's site:

              grip 15'8
              pole 13.9, 5 meter 200
              8 lefts 109ft
              a 16'4/200, 13.9 flex is pretty danged stout for a kid who doesn't LOOK all that fast and strong. I'm scared to think what he'll be on when he matures!


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                Whitt did not have a good day at Juniors. His run looked like crap and he was struggling to rotate his poles. He got way behind on misses and was in 3rd for awhile.

                But he battled back and got the win and trip to Jr Pan-Ams!

                Here are some stats his dad posted on my site:

                Jack's season
                24 meets 24 wins
                21 meets over 17.00
                11 meets over 17.06
                5 meets over 17.10
                1 meet over 18.00
                Set 16 meet records
                6th high schooler ever over 18.00
                Jumped 18.00 while 18 years old
                Oklahoma state record holder broke 28 year old record
                Oklahoma track athlete of the year
                Jim Thorpe track athlete of the year
                Been in Track and Field News
                Sports Illustrated
                Vype High School Sports magazine

                Big Big Thanks Tim McMichael You got him here
                Joe Dial
                Steve Chappel Spirit Poles

                That's gotta be one of the most consistent HS vaulters ever!