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UC drop Track and Field and Cross Country Scholarships


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  • UC drop Track and Field and Cross Country Scholarships

    University of Cincinnati Drop Track and Field and Cross Country Scholarships

    The University of Cincinnati announced they will phase out scholarships in men’s cross country, men’s track and field and men’s swimming beginning in the fall of 2009. All current commitments will be meet.
    "This was a very difficult decision," athletic director Mike Thomas said on the web site. "but one we felt we had to make in this difficult economic climate. While scholarship funding will be eliminated for these sports, the teams themselves and their complement of coaches, will continue at UC , leaving open the opportunity that at some point in the future, financial aid could continue."
    The move is expected to save $400,000 per year.
    Have a comment send it on…
    Mike Thomas, Director of Athletics, 513-556-4603 [email protected]
    Nancy L. Zimpher, PhD, President, 513-556-2201 [email protected]

    Read more on other Ohio universities dropping Men’s Track and Field – ... Track.html

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      I am posting it here as well as under “Another Major Men's Program Teeters” in case there are UC fans out there who didn’t know this tread was about UC

      I received the following email today and was asked to pass it on….

      Subject: BIG EAST/ UC / Alumni/ Donor/ BLITZ

      For those of you who are not aware, UC Track has been given a death sentence from the current AD, Mike Thomas. They fired Jim last year and now they have decided to cut the program (see the links below). Andy Hurley,Sr. Associate Athletic Director for Development stated to me in an email" by accepting admission into the Big East we surrendered ourselves to the way of life at the BCS level..." He also says we are all part of the "UC family ". If this is this case, it makes more sense to cut 2million across all programs, not simply cut the track and swim team to save 500,000. A 7-9% cut across the board would be more than enough and fair for all programs to feel a "pinch" rather than severing a limb.

      Mr. Hurley also stated, "One hallmark of the current athletics administration is that we view ourselves as caretakers of program and that ownership belongs to students, alumni & the Cincinnati community. " In this case, they are the undertakers. The administration views us as the owners and as the owners, we need to let the caretakers know loudly and clearly that this is not an acceptable direction for UC athletics.

      I urge you to contact anyone and everyone you feel can help change the direction of this program. Contact the administration, contact the president's office, contact board members, contact the largest donors and other alumni to let them know, that they need to reconsider this direction or the financial consequences could be devastating to the future support of UC Athletics. We may need a website and we may need to get the media involved and anyone and everyone that has connections, please explore all options and even take the time to look at other avenues. We also need to consider a re-instatement of Jim Schnur who was fired within 6 months of being eligible for retirement.
      I do hope you will get involved to make a difference.

      Here is some coverage: ... 4/1062/SPT ... 80024/1064

      Here is the Big East contacts: The AD states: "There are Big East standards that basically say you're going to support certain programs at certain levels.." Thus, he is blaming the Big East for this decision as well. Are all Big East Men's Cross and Track Teams being given the death sentence as UC has been given?

      Senior Administrative Staff
      Suite 880
      Mike Thomas
      Director of Athletics 513-556-4603 [email protected]

      Bob Arkeilpane
      Deputy Director of Athletics 513-556-2449 [email protected]

      Mike Waddell
      Senior Associate AD 513-556-4847 [email protected]

      Andy Hurley
      Senior Associate AD/Development 513-556-9302 [email protected]

      Derrick Magee
      Associate AD/Chief Business Officer 513-556-3876 [email protected]

      Robin Martin
      Associate AD/Senior Woman Administrator 513-556-0556 [email protected]

      Fritz Russ
      Faculty Athletics Representative 513-556-3935 [email protected]

      Dan Krone
      Assistant AD/Facilities & Operations 513-556-3541 [email protected]

      Mike Harris
      Assistant AD/Sports Communications 513-240-8884 [email protected]

      Beth Hussey
      Assistant to the AD 513-556-4603 [email protected]

      BIG EAST STAFF E-MAIL DIRECTORY (sorry I don't have their titles)
      Name E-mail Address
      Michael Tranghese [email protected]
      John Marinatto [email protected]
      Nick Carparelli, Jr. [email protected]
      Joe D’Antonio [email protected]
      Donna DeMarco [email protected]
      Dan Gavitt [email protected]
      Tom Odjakjian [email protected]
      John Paquette [email protected]
      James Siedliski [email protected]
      Jen Condaras [email protected]
      Barbara Jacobs [email protected]
      Susan Eaton [email protected]
      Rachel Margolis [email protected]
      Chuck Sullivan [email protected]
      Shawn Murphy [email protected]
      Mia Brickhouse [email protected]
      Bobby Weygand [email protected]
      Ben Fairclough [email protected]
      Mike Coyne [email protected]
      Kenny Schank [email protected]
      Terry McAulay [email protected]
      Lisa Zanecchia [email protected]
      Lois DeBlois [email protected]
      Sarah Emmett [email protected]
      Wanda Factor [email protected]
      Linda Yates [email protected]
      Kathy Kirkpatrick [email protected]
      Dan White [email protected]
      Farrah Segaloff [email protected]
      Tom Caracciolo [email protected]