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Need Help--early Fayetteville results


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    Re: Need Help--early Fayetteville results

    reminds me in some ways of when Carl Lewis passed in the LJ when he had a comfortable lead and he was either booed or criticized by some of the "experts" in attendance. I have to agree... it is early in the year, he booms a great jump, there probably was no one theire with a ghost of a chance of beating him. If he did not feel completely right, it is HIS call.

    Plus... as much as any sport is "for the fans", it is for THE ATHLETES first. Savante has been a contributor to this board, and I get the impression he has his act together. Go get 'em Savante, you are off to a great start ! Stay healthy, and peak later. 28 plus is a slam dunk.


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      Re: Need Help--early Fayetteville results

      I have absolutely nothing against him. He's a great long jumper and a class act. Didn't mean for my post to sound so negative.

      You can argue that pro sports are not about the athletes, they are about the fans. Without them, there is no "pro".


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        Re: Need Help--early Fayetteville results

        "Athletes like this suck."

        Perhaps this is where we sensed some negativity - but, bygones being bygones, we move on to the rest of the meet, which has some other excellent marks. To wit:
        Stacy 15'5.5
        Sands 55'10.5
        Devers 7.10
        ta da
        Webb 3:57 and here we go!


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          Re: Need Help--early Fayetteville results

          >If track wants to be treated like a professional sport, it'll have to start
          >acting like one. Name one other pro sport where it's okay to quit a fifth of
          >the way through the competition. Or say for instance, someone surpassed
          >Stringfellow in the 3rd round after he pulled himself out of the comp. 30
          >minutes earlier. Is he going to try and get warm to jump in the next round to
          >regain the lead or say, "nah, i guess i'll just lose this one." Only in

          In most pro sports, few of the starters play all or even most of the game during the preseason. Many of those fans enjoy seeing the action regardless of the names on the backs of the jerseys. Rather than whining, one could simply enjoy the rest of the jumps/jumpers. Also, do those who pass not do so on a round-by-round basis? Being the pro that he is, Stringfellow probably had a good feel for the competition by the end of the first round. It should not be taken to mean that he necessarily did not keep himself warm should he feel the want or need to jump again before the end of the competition.
          Do not carp about athlete actions like this until there is enough $ in the sport to pay the athletes well enough so that they do not have to worry so much about making it through to the real meat of the season (golden league, grand prix, etc.) and the post-season (championships and Oly games.) At this point, in this country, the athletes primarily drive the sport, not the paying fans (or lack thereof.)


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            Re: Need Help--early Fayetteville results

            Don't forget 1:46.00 from Krum. With his 1:45.69 at World Indoors last year as US 2,6 1:46 flat has got to be close to a top ten all-time performance.