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Kanter to throw twice in Salinas


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  • Kanter to throw twice in Salinas

    Will Schult's World Record finally fall?

    Two meets at the normally VERY friendly NorCal site, May 5 and 20.

    If nothing else, maybe the Tuesday record will fall? :-)

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    I fear Kanter will smash 74 in training but fall just short in competition... after all, Estonians are our cousins :wink:


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      Actually, Kanter will be throwing on May 5th and May 12th in Salinas, and will thn leave for Europe on the 13th. These meets have been arranged to give him the best chance to break the record.

      He will spend 10 days in Salinas from May 2nd to get comfortable with the ring and the wind conditions, to give him the best chance to threaten the record of Schult. Salinas gives the most consistent conditions with a favourable wind, and he has had his best throw of the past two years in Salinas.

      The difference this year compared to previous, is that in past years the 1 month long training camp was focussed on heavy training with all the max lifts for the year taking place in this period. This year they will still train hard, but will mix in more rest in the programme to allow them to be fresher for competitions. They will compete each week from La Jolla on 25th, and then each Tuesday until the final comp on 12th May.

      Gary is right that there will be a meet in Salinas on 20th May, which is the annual Gary Shaw meet, but Gerd will not be there for this competition.

      Gerd has thrown 72.88m there in the past, while in heavy training, and he is much further ahead in his preparation this year, having thrown nearly 70m (and 71m+ warm up) indoors in his second competition of the year. HIs first, at the European Winter Throws was some 4-5m ahead of his starting point last year.

      It should be interesting in San Diego and Salinas! World records are never easy, but Gerd is in great shape and should get close!



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        He should be here today! Wind currently gusting at SF airport to 50mph.


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          Hmm, I'm hoping to come down, but I probably can't make both. I guess I'll have to check the wind reports beforehand!