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Notes from Texas state meet


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  • Notes from Texas state meet

    Hot damn I'm glad I live in Austin! The state HS championships were predictably awesome.

    I already made a post last night about Michelle Carter's national record in the shot. I didn't have time to mention that Austin Reagan boys broke the National Federation 4x200 record with a 1:24.95 (T&FN lists 9 faster times on its list, best is 1:23.31).

    The Austin American-Statesman editors should be ashamed -- hometown boys break a national record (okay, sort of) and the story was buried below the fold, barely noticeable in the lower right corner. The top of the fold was dominated by the Kinko's Classic of Austin (a golf tournament), four Texas Longhorns football players getting busted for pot, and the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playoffs. I'm willing to grant them the Spurs above the fold, but the NR should have dominated.

    Reagan also ran 3:10.78 national leader in the 4x4, holding off Lancaster (3:11.39)

    That was class 4A. Tonight was class 5A. The highlights (and sorry to Garry if I'm killing the point of the e-Newsletter):

    Alief Elsik girls 4x1: 44.90 (national leader). Sixth place was a 46.99!

    Arlington Bowie boys: 40.06 national leader. Fifth place was a 40.70!

    100H: Alandra Sherman 13.25, wind legal, national leader by half a second! (thankfully, the strong winds died down just in time for the 5A meet)

    110H: Kerron Clement came in No. 1 on the national list (13.74), Jason Richardson second. They reversed it in an awesome battle: Richardson 13.51, Clement 13.52.

    Girls 100: Krystin Lacy 11.44 national leader (by about .3!), second was Gloria Asumnu 11.49.

    Boys 100: Earvin Parker 10.29 (come from behind) national leader

    girls 4x2: Alief Elsik 1:34.50 NATIONAL RECORD.

    boys 4x2: Incredible photo finish: Port Arthur Memorial 1:24.12 National Federation record (3rd on the T&FN list), Arlington Bowie 1:24.13.

    300H: girls, Alandra Sherman 41.24 (national leader by almost a second and a half); boys, Kerron Clement 35.47, new meet record. Man, I was really hoping he was going to get that national record.

    And the one you've all been waiting for, featuring T&FN message board celebrity poster Steve Magness in the 1600 -- 4:03.27, breaking the 36-year-old meet record by Robert Gonzales (4:05.8). Gonzales himself put the medal around Magness' neck. Magness' rival Eric Stanley was second in 4:11.63. The crowd rhythmically clapped for Magness like it was a European meet. My splits on him: 59.4, 61.9, 61.5, 60.5.

    And the big highlights, the 4x4s: girls, four teams under 3:46; boys: Magnificent fight between Humble and Alief Elsik. Winner was Humble, 3:10.69 national leader, Elsik 3:11.52.

    Man, I'll never get to sleep tonight. I'm so full of adrenaline.
    "Run fast and keep turning left."

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    Re: Notes from Texas state meet

    Indeed, nobody need worry about "scooping" eTN. In fact, we ENCOURAGE people to post these kind of notes.

    What eTN is supposed to do is pull together all the "really interesting" results from a given weekend and put them in an easy-to-read format that not only has some current informational value, but also provides an archival source of material for future reference. If we don't write all this down, who will?