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NY ESG cancelled.


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  • NY ESG cancelled.

    This is a follow up to the story that was linked on the main page, with regard to New York's Empire State Games being canceled. ... s-scrubbed

    I live in the Hudson Valley Region of New York, and there's an interesting tidbit going around now. It's being reported in local papers that the games were not supposed to be canceled. They were still looking for private funding, however some of surrounding hotels, motels and B&B's starting renting out the rooms that they were saving for that week.

    Now, with no place to house athletes or visitors they had to go ahead and officially cancel this years games with the hope to bring them back next year. The senior games are still being held, though.

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    That story (which appeared on the front page here yesterday) did not use the word "canceled." It said they were suspended for a year. Big difference. By next year, they may be able to find some funding that they couldn't find now.


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      The Empire State Games were the oldest and largest of the state games. It is a shame. The state games movement was really catching on in the 1980's and generated more than a little good competition and good publicity for our sport and the other Olympic sports. Throw in the U.S. Olympic festival and there was some pretty good summer domestic competition. But the USOC couldn't care less and both have just died away.


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        My apologies, I did mean to use suspended.

        It's disheartening for me as I competed at the games from 1990-94. It was always a lot of fun for me.