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Tyson Inv 3k results...


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  • Tyson Inv 3k results...

    not officaial but just got these...

    Chemboyo (NIKE) 7:38
    Gragg (Ark) 7:39 *CR
    Lincoln (NIKE) 7:40

    Amazing race as all three were still in it to the end. Opening mile 4:04 and 2k 6:10...last 1k 2:38.


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    Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

    Here's the final results thanks to Flash Results:

    1 Boaz Cheboiywo NIKE-KEN 7:38.30
    2 Alistair Cragg Arkansas-IRL 7:38.59
    3 Daniel Lincoln NIKE 7:40.17
    4 Bolota Asmerom NIKE 7:49.36
    5 Charlie Gruber NIKE 7:56.37
    6 Paul Morrison NIKE 7:56.61
    7 Jason Woolhouse Okla State 7:59.91
    8 Josephat Boit Cowley Co./Kenya 8:24.45
    -- David Lelei Kenya DNF



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      Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

      Very impressive!


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        Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

        NCAA Indoor-type of championships, but at another level! Awesome! Three guys who have raced each other often, were aware of each others strengths, and seized the moment to strike it big in the PR department!

        Where is that dude who was complaining about US distance being a past-time and not a present force to be taken seriously? 7.40 as our US leader is in the top 10 in the world...only 5 seconds slower than Geb ran a couple weeks ago.


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          Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

          Not to mention Lincoln is a former walk-on at Ark. This guy, from Fayetteville, though he went to Ark School for Math and Science. Walked into John McDonnell's office one day and asked if he could walk on.
          To all you young guys out there there is a lesson to be learned. Lincoln, like Steve Scott, wasn't a great High School runner..4:20ish and 9:40ish. But from experience..this guy worked his tail-off from day one. He listened to the older guys and his coach and DIDN'T overtrain. He is now reaping his rewards.
          Congrats to Daniel and the others for a great race.



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            Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

            holy crap, go us man. this shows we have depth for distance. we still are not at the top, but this surely shows a step in the right dircetion for our future. and with NIKE sponsering runner after runner, there is definetly promise for the usa.


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              Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

              You have to give the coach a lot of credit for letting him in the door, and then working with him. Too many coaches out there would not give him a shot- they want the immediate scorer. I always liked the saying "The coaching starts where the scholarships end."


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                Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

                At Arkansas it is almost guaranteed that an incoming freshman will redshirted. Too many coaches waste kids straight out of high school. I'm aware some coaches have no choice but many don't even consider giving the kid a year to just train. Also, many high schoolers think they are ready to compete as freshman, they couldn't be further from the truth.
                Many kids out of high school haven't been trained properly and need that extra year to train hard and not worry about racing every week. Kids allowed to do this many times see improvements they didn't even see coming.
                Many of our top programs exercise this for their incoming freshman. Allowing guys like Daniel Lincoln the opportunity to excel down the road.



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                  Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

                  I have no idea why Lincoln wants to hang it up after 2005. He is still young and has plenty of time to attend medical school.

                  I think a sub 8:20 steeplechase is in Lincoln's immediate future.


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                    Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

                    I'm not so sure about those freshmen redshirting. All of the following ran at least one of the three, if not all three seasons as freshmen:


                    These are all recent memory, and I'm sure this list isn't exhaustive. I guarantee, if John McDonnell thought that a frosh Dan Lincoln could have scored, he would have run.


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                      Re: Tyson Inv 3k results...

                      >I have no idea why Lincoln wants to hang it up after 2005. He is still young
                      >and has plenty of time to attend medical school.

                      The issues relating to putting off medical school for some arbitrary time so that you can satisfy the demands of anonymous track fans is nicely (and sometimes not-so-nicely) hashed over already on LetsRun at ... ead=340434