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Dwain Chambers in 100/200 at Mt. SAC


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  • AthleticsInBritain
    Not bad from Chambers - just two tenths off his PB of 20.31 (2001). Mind you, he does run the 200 very rarely.

    Adds nicely to Tim Benjamin's 20.96 which was a pretty good comeback for Benjamin! Ok, 20.96 is a time Benjamin was running as a junior but he's been injured/ill since 2005 so watching him run strongly to the end was really good to see.

    Great run from Carmelita Jeter too.

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  • EPelle
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  • EPelle
    replied ... 045.column

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  • El Toro
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  • El Toro
    Originally posted by richxx87
    6 Steele-Reebok, Edino Prime Techniques 20.76 NWI
    Those shoe companies are driving hard bargains these days....

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  • richxx87
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  • richxx87
    1 Larry, Lionel adidas 20.37 NWI
    2 Chambers, Dwain England 20.51 NWI
    3 Berrian, Christopher Unattached 20.59 NWI
    4 Williams, Rubin Charisma Sports 20.61 NWI
    5 Williams, Christopher Reebok 20.62 NWI
    6 Steele-Reebok, Edino Prime Techniques 20.76 NWI
    7 Perry, Preston Carl Lewis TC 21.05 NWI
    8 Schnelting, Daniel Cheetahs Int. 21.08 NWI
    9 Moore, Carlos Cheetahs Int. 21.10 NWI

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  • AthleticsInBritain
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  • AthleticsInBritain
    You could well be right Smoke in that there could be more to come from TBO. But I'm with Kai88 on this one - all Sanders needs is a clear run and good prep and there's a lot more in the tank than we've seen so far. I completely admit though, like Kai, that this is purely gut feeling. I could be wrong!

    By the way, I've no info on Sanders' ambitions or lack of them in the 800 but I doubt it's any more of a serious attempt than Tasha Danvers' recent runs. It wasn't unusual for Kriss Akabusi and Roger Black and all that lot to run an 800 as part of their prep when warm weather training in California - usually in the 1:48/1:49 region IIRC. I can well imagine Nicola Sanders is just using a similar tactic.

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  • eldrick
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  • eldrick
    Originally posted by AthleticsInBritain
    Eldrick - I don't think they've renamed the dish. But I am slowly learning to call things by their proper names - like Beijing for Peking and Mumbai for Bombay (speaking of ducks lol).

    i have only also ever ordered bombay duck or lamb madras ( my absolute fave of all time )

    i'm not changing the order in my lifetime regardless of how dumb the waiter...

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  • Daisy
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  • Daisy
    Originally posted by eldrick
    i order peking duck...
    You mean Peking duck? And you live in Londinium?

    Originally posted by AthleticsInBritain
    The Penn and Mt Sac relays always sound like great meets to watch.
    Speaking of which, has anyone seen the line up for Drake? This is their 100th year so i'm assuming they'll get a even better lineup than usual.

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  • AthleticsInBritain
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  • AthleticsInBritain
    Looks like some really interesting fields. Now TrackShark is history, does anyone know if this is going to be streamed over the internet? And so that non-US fans can watch it? The Penn and Mt Sac relays always sound like great meets to watch.

    Eldrick - I don't think they've renamed the dish. But I am slowly learning to call things by their proper names - like Beijing for Peking and Mumbai for Bombay (speaking of ducks lol).

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  • 26mi235
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  • 26mi235
    The steeple and 10,000s were last night and the multis are complete.

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  • Smoke
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  • Smoke
    The list are not accurate.
    Dwain is reportedly running the 200 and 4x100.
    Allyson will be on a 4x100 last I read.
    I noticed a couple of people in three events, and I doubt that is really happening.
    ALl should note that the sprint hurdles are in the eleven o clock hour and the 400 hurdles are in the 6 o clock hour with the 4x4s at 9pm. Do not expect a lot of people to run these later races.

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  • TrackDaddy
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  • TrackDaddy
    I wonder if Allyson Felix is running on those relays?

    I believe she does run them here most years.

    The Chairman of the Mt Sac Relays is a poster here so I'll ask him.

    Mr Chairman?

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  • TrackCEO
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  • TrackCEO
    started a topic Dwain Chambers in 100/200 at Mt. SAC

    Dwain Chambers in 100/200 at Mt. SAC

    The Mt. SAC site lists Dwain Chambers in the 200, but another list (which I got from someone involved in the meet) shows Dwain in the 100 as well. Marlow will be happy to learn that Stacy is in the women's vault:

    51ST Annual MT. SAC RELAYS, April 17-18, 2009,

    WOMENS 100M
    Name Team Race
    Douglass, Montell INV
    Jeter, Carmelita INV
    Oyepitan, Abi Great Britain INV
    Rodriguez, Carol INV
    Roseby, Hasani isfperformance INV
    Santos, Rosangela INV
    Thomas, Kadi-Ann INV
    Williams, Charonda Arizona State INV

    WOMENS 200M
    Name Team Race
    Barber, Mikele USATF INV
    Cox, Shana USATF INV
    Edwards, Torri Nike INV
    Hastings, Natasha USATF INV
    Jeter, Carmelita INV
    Kidd, Ashley USATF INV
    Oyepitan, Abi Great Britain INV
    Rodriguez, Carol INV
    Williams, Charonda Arizona State INV

    WOMENS 400M
    Name Team Race
    Baker, Keshia Oregon INV
    Barr, Victoria INV
    Benjamin, Jeavon Arizona State INV
    Danvers, Tasha HIS INV
    Goodwin, Deanna INV
    Schultz, Joanna Notre Dame INV
    Stone, Nicole San Diego St. INV
    Tanno, Asami Natureal Japan INV
    Tosta, Sheena Nike INV

    WOMENS 800M
    Babcock, Christine Washington INV
    Bird, Tara INV
    Cramer, Lacey BYU INV
    Curry, Krishna UCLA INV
    Gall, Geena Michigan INV
    Hagans, Lauren INV
    Harvey, Alisa Riadha INV
    Hermanson, Laura North Dakota St. INV
    Howard, Julia Valley Royals INV
    Johnson, Alysia USATF INV
    Johnstone, Rebecca Valley Royals INV
    Layman, Anna Washington St. INV
    Martinez, Brenda UC Riverside INV
    Palmer, Katie BYU INV
    Rhetta, Sherron INV
    Sanders, Nicola Nike INV
    Smith, Jessica Simon Fraser INV
    Vessey, Maggie INV
    Waits, Katie Reebok INV

    WOMENS 1500M
    Babcock, Christine Washington INV
    Baillie, Renee Nike INV
    Biwott, Purity Wayland Baptist INV
    DiCrescenzo, Delilah Puma INV
    Eikrem-Engeset, Kristine SMU (Unattached now) INV
    Gall, Geena Michigan INV
    Hagans, Lauren INV
    Howard, Julia Valley Royals INV
    Hyman, Mardrea INV
    Johnson, Alysia Nike INV
    Koenck, Clerc Brooks INV
    Kosinski, Alex Oregon INV
    Martinez, Brenda UC Riverside INV
    Newhart, Colleen Nike-Gordon INV
    Okoro, Marilyn England INV
    Palmer, Katie BYU INV
    Pohl, Veronica Northern Arizona INV
    Rosen, Jillian Arkansas INV
    Schmidt, Alice USATF INV
    Susa, Mihaela Oklahoma State INV
    Waite, Lennie Rice INV

    WOMENS 5000M
    Name Team Race
    Andersen, Kassi Nike-Gordon INV
    Anderson, Kristin Riadha INV
    Armstrong, Meghan Nike-Gordon INV
    Badaru, Lillian Texas Tech INV
    Becker, Alex Tulsa INV
    Bizzarri, Angela Illinois INV
    Blood, Nicole Oregon INV
    Burla, Serena Riadha INV
    Clement, Treniere Nike INV
    Doetzel, Danette Providence INV
    Edwards, Nicole INV
    Hall, Sara Asics INV
    Hastings, Amy adidas INV
    Hutchinson, Ava INV
    Jesang, Janet Western Kentucky INV
    Jorgensen, Gwen Wisconsin INV
    Joyce, Monica Tortoise and Hare INV
    Kalmer, Christine Arkansas INV
    McCandless, Maureen New Balance INV
    Minty, Jessica Zap Fitness INV
    Moraa Ongori, Philes Hokuren INV
    nicolini, kristen INV
    Owens, Casey INV
    Parker, Barbara INV
    Rodriguez, Dulce Maria mexican team INV
    Romero, Marisol mexican team INV
    Scherf, Lindsey Oregon INV
    Storage, Kara RUN OHIO INV
    Tamsett, Lara Melbourne Track Club INV
    Yoder-Begley, Amy INV

    WOMENS 10,000M
    Name Team Race
    Archer, Nicky New Mexico INV
    Bargiachi, Denise Arkansas INV
    Begay, Alvina McMillanElite INV
    Beste, Alyssa Wisconsin INV
    Corrigan, Michelle New Mexico INV
    Cummings, Sarah Princeton INV
    DiCamillo, Katie INV
    Foster, Sarah Ohio State INV
    Gray, Alia Chico State INV
    Gregg, Kaitlin INV
    Grinaker, Hanna Wisconsin INV
    Jesang, Janet Western Kentucky INV
    Jorgensen, Gwen Wisconsin INV
    Kipwombok, Jackey Azusa Pacific INV
    Korb, Danielle Boulder Running Company INV
    Laskowske, Amy Minnesota INV
    Lemmon, Cecily BYU INV
    Lund, Megan Boulder Running Company/aINV
    Lyons, Bridget Georgia INV
    Marchant, Lanni London Western Track INV
    Mericle, Nicole Rice INV
    Messick, Sydney Kansas State INV
    Morejon, Lilyanna Cal St. Northridge INV
    Mullenbach, Lavenna Adams State INV
    Myrland, Asia Texas INV
    nicolini, kristen INV
    occhi, amanda boulder running company/a INV
    Plank, McKayla Georgia INV
    Ramos, Beverly Kansas State INV
    Robinson, Wendi Indiana INV
    Saylor, Lauren Washington INV
    Spratford, Katie Richmond INV
    Storage, Kara RUN OHIO INV
    Tyler, Tori Chico State INV
    VanLeuven, Jolee Princeton INV
    Wade, Becky Rice INV
    Wadeck, Vivien Cal St. Los Angeles INV
    walter, rebecca INV
    Wells, Brooke Impala Racing Team INV
    White, Catherine Arkansas INV
    Wilson, Stephanie Santa Clara INV
    Wood, Heather Adams State INV

    WOMENS 3000M SC
    Name Team Race
    Anderson, Lindsey Nike INV
    Coburn, Emma Colorado INV
    Erdelyi, Zsofia USC INV
    Ferguson, Lindsey Notre Dame INV
    Galaviz, Lisa INV
    Garrahan, Shauneen Riadha INV
    Haws, Natalie Weber State INV
    Hayakari, Minori Japan INV
    Hyman, Mardrea INV
    June, Kara INV
    Kimaiyo, Irene Riadha INV
    Lawrence, Mel Washington INV
    Layne, Amy BYU INV
    Macgregor, Meredith Valley Royals INV
    Mericle, Nicole Rice INV
    Trane, Sara Washington St. INV
    Wagner, Angela INV
    Waite, Lennie Rice INV
    Williams, Dallon Cal St. San Marcos INV
    Woods, Danelle Illinois INV

    WOMENS 100M Hurdles
    Name Team Race
    Ali, Nia USC INV
    Ankton, Falesha Washington INV
    Johnson, Jackie USATF INV
    Lewis, Yvette USATF INV
    Menlove, Amy BYU INV
    Moss, Shantia INV
    Tosta, Sheena Nike INV
    Whyte, Angela INV

    WOMENS 400M H
    Name Team Race
    Beesley, Meghan Loughborough INV
    Brown, Shonda INV
    Collins, Ebony INV
    Demus, Lashinda NIKE INV
    Grossarth, Jennifer Grossarth INV
    Moss, Shantia USATF INV
    Perkins, Angel USATF INV
    Tosta, Sheena USATF INV
    Wallace, Latasha USATF INV

    WOMENS 4 x 100M
    Team Race
    Adams State INV
    Arizona INV
    Arizona State INV
    Cal St. Northridge INV
    Great Britain INV
    San Diego St. INV
    World Class Elite INV

    WOMENS 4 x 400M
    Team Race
    Arizona State INV
    Fresno State INV
    Great Britain INV
    San Diego St. INV
    Stellar Athletics 1 INV
    UC Riverside INV
    VS Athletics TC INV
    World Class Elite INV

    Name Team Race
    Acuff, Amy USATF INV
    Collins, Lauren UC Irvine INV
    Day, Jasmin Arizona INV
    Gordon, Sheena USATF INV
    Howard, Chaunte USATF INV
    Leks, Viktoria SMU INV
    McNamee, Kelly Washington INV
    Mullen, Deirdre NIKE INV
    Patterson, Elizabeth Arizona INV
    Rifka, Romary Mx International INV
    Sheppard, Emily Hawaii INV
    Witteveen, Solange INV

    Name Team Race
    Asay, Erin Unattached INV
    Ben-Youssef, Leila INV
    Brost, Leslie North Dakota St. INV
    Dockendorf, Carly USATF INV
    Dragila, Stacy USATF INV
    Duclos, Gabriella Arizona INV CANADA
    Hendry, Kelsey todd lehman INV
    Holiday, Becky USATF INV
    Janson, Lacy USATF INV
    Johnson, Chelsea USATF INV
    Owen, Melinda USATF INV
    Rains, Katelin Minn. St. Mankato INV
    Saxer, Mary Notre Dame INV
    Stately, Bryson USC INV
    Viuf, Katy UCLA INV

    Name Team Race
    Abdulai, Rukayatu Valley Royals INV
    Johnson, Jackie USATF INV
    Madison, Tianna USATF INV
    Martinez, Claudett Tec de Monterrey INV
    McKinney, Akiba USATF INV
    Menlove, Amy BYU INV
    Neeley, Mindy BYU INV
    Okayama, Saeko Cheetah International T.C. INV
    Quinley, Shevell Arizona INV
    Watkins, Rhonda UCLA INV Trinidad
    Watson, Danielle UCLA INV
    Woods, Shana USC INV

    Name Team Race
    Alexander, Ayanna SJ Flight School INV
    DeLauney, Pascal Cheetah International T.C.INV
    Koehler, Karoline San Diego St. INV GERMANY
    Lewis, Yvette USATF INV
    Marks, Shani Nike INV
    Robinson, Chavon Wisconsin INV
    Smith, Tonie USATF INV
    Smith, Trecia Jamaico INV
    Thayem, Nelly INV
    Thieschafer, Amanda INV
    Ufodiama, Blessing INV
    Welsch, Shakeema INV USATF Ind Chp

    WOMENS SP ++
    Name Team Race
    Ackman, Sara South Dakota St. INV
    Brewer, Chandra INV
    Camarena, Jillian NYAC INV
    Carter, Michelle USATF INV
    du Toit, Simone SMU INV
    Howard, Megan Arizona INV
    Lechuga, Tamara univ. mexico INV
    Liske, Allison Michigan INV
    Lloyd, Nicole Arizona INV
    Misiata, Alisha UC Irvine INV
    Pressley , Jessica INV
    Ruston, Abby INV
    Wanless, Liz NYAC INV

    WOMENS DT ++
    Name Team Race
    Battle, Taiyshawna INV
    Espinoza, Jaclyn Notre Dame INV
    Estrada, Irais univ. mexico INV
    Gleeson, Kimberley INV
    Jadotte, Joeane Florida Int'l INV
    Lewis-Smallwood, Gia INV
    Lloyd, Nicole Arizona INV
    Longfors, Rachel INV
    Mueller, Christina SMU INV
    Pendleton, Emily Michigan INV
    Pierson, Summer INV
    Powell-Roos, Suzy ASICS INV

    Name Team Race
    Ayala, Sharon Fresno State INV
    Campbell, Amber Mjolnir Throwers Club INV
    Coons, Leslie INV
    Cosby, Jessica USATF INV
    Frizell, Sultana Canada INV
    Haapanen, Amy Unattached INV
    Henry, Britney INV
    Joyce, Jennifer Canada INV
    Onyeagbako, Jennifer Long Beach St. INV
    Orban, Eva USC INV
    Popp, Shannon VS Athletics TC INV
    Smith, Crystal NYAC - Canada INV
    Smith, Loree NYAC INV
    VanderVliet, Megann Kamloops T&FClbINV
    Wilhelm, Vanessa INV
    Yush, Krystal USATF INV

    Name Team Race
    Barnett, Anne Idaho INV
    Borman, Brittany UCLA INV
    Braun, Lynnea Washington St. INV
    Brivule, Linda Abilene Christian INV
    Brown, Lisa Gustavus Adolphus INV
    Busa, Kristine USC INV
    Dannhausen, Michele San Diego St. INV
    DeShasier, Alicia USATF INV
    Espiricueta, Samantha SE Missouri INV
    Gleadle, Liz British Columbia INV
    Gribule, Ilze BYU INV
    Gutierrez, Ana Mx International INV
    Hamilton, Jennifer Washington St. INV
    Johnson, Jackie USATF INV
    Kampic, Sasa Boise State INV
    Kirkwood, Courtney Washington St. INV
    Kreiner, Kim NIKE INV
    Kuresson, Piret BYU INV
    Lewis, Amy Wisconsin INV
    McCormack, Jasmine Washington St. INV
    Pighin, Brooke Washington INV
    Ross, Tara UCLA INV
    Stasiulionyte, Inga Lithuania INV
    Suek, Lena Montana State INV
    Tschida, Marissa Washington St. INV
    Tyrrell, Emily Montana State INV
    Wilkinson, Kayla USATF INV

    MENS 100M
    Name Team Race
    Berrian, Christopher INV
    Chambers, Dwain England INV
    Grimes, Mickey ERI Athletics INV
    Heard, Jason INV
    Perry, Preston Carl Lewis TC INV
    Smoots, Jason Unattached INV
    Williams, Rubin Heritage Elite INV

    MENS 200M
    Berrian, Christopher Bulldog TC INV
    Chambers, Dwain England INV
    Grimes, Mickey ERI Athletics INV
    Mitchell, Mike VS Athletics TC INV
    Moore, Carlos Cheetah International T.C. INV
    Schnelting, Daniel Cheetah International T.C. INV
    Steele, Edino Prime Techniques Steppa's INV JAMAICA
    Williams, Christopher Reebok INV
    Williams, Rubin CHARISMA SPORTS INV

    MENS 400M
    Name Team Race
    Benjamin, Timothy England INV
    Comrie, Dayne Unat. INV
    Davis, James Phenetix International INV
    Gillick, David Loughborough INV
    Johnson, Dan Montana State INV
    Kremer, Justin Arizona State INV
    Price, Jason USC INV

    MENS 800M
    Name Team Race
    Asafo-Agyei, Raphael INV
    Bayley, Tim Unattached INV
    Brown, Ryan Asics INV
    Emmen, Tetlo Unattached INV
    Fisher, Jeff Santa Monica TC INV
    Graham, Andrew Adams State INV
    Jensen, Keith BYU INV
    Johnson, Jonathan INV
    Koech, Elias Kenya INV
    Kosgei, Elkana Riadha INV
    Mumba, Prince Santa Monica TC INV
    Navarro, Heleodoro Tec de Monterrey INV
    Ridgewell, Ross Georgia INV
    Shaw, Brandon OTC Elite INV
    Solomon, Duane CHARISMA SPORTS INV
    Thompson, Floyd Santa Monica TC INV

    MENS 1,500M
    Name Team Race
    Abbott, Austin Washington INV
    asmerom, bolota Nike INV
    Barrios, Juan Luis mexican team INV
    Bayley, Tim Unattached INV
    Bishop, David New Mexico INV
    Bolas, Jack Wisconsin INV
    Chewai, Mohammed Santa Monica TC INV
    Curtis, Robert Melbourne Track Club INV
    Emanuel, Lee New Mexico INV ENGLAND
    Gasper, Ryan Wisconsin INV
    Gauson, Kris Butler INV
    Gustafsson, Jacob BYU INV
    haro, isaias mexican team INV
    Jager,Evan Nike INV
    Kosgei, John Oklahoma State INV
    Lukezic, Chris Reebok INV
    McLaren, Hayden Providence INV
    Vail, Ryan Oklahoma State INV
    Vaughn, Brent Nike INV
    Warburton, Chris England INV

    MENS 5,000M
    Name Team Race
    Barrios, Juan Luis Nike INV MEXICO
    Benninger, kurt Strands INV
    Bethke, Brandon Arizona State INV
    Braun, Aaron Adams State INV
    Cabada, Fernando Reebok INV
    Dahlberg, Scott Boulder Running Company/AdidINV
    Famiglietti, Anthony Saucony INV
    Haas, Stephen New Balance INV
    Houseworth, Sean Air Force INV
    Ikegami, Seigo Japan-Honda INV
    Ishikawa, Suehiro Japan-Honda INV
    Korir, Jacob Riadha INV
    Maag, Michael Princeton INV
    McNeill, David Northern Arizona INV
    Medigovich, Brian Adams State INV
    Milne, Taylor Speed River TFC INV
    Moen, Josh Team USA MN/Brooks INV
    Nightingale, David Zap Fitness INV
    Overall, Scott adidas INV
    perez, julio cesar mexican team INV
    Quigley, Sean Unattached INV
    Rohatinsky, Josh Nike INV
    Romero, Juan Carlos Nike INV
    Solinsky, Chris Nike INV
    St Lawrence, Ben Melbourne Track Club INV
    suarez, alejandro mexican team INV
    Ueno, Yuichiro Japan INV
    Vail, Ryan Oklahoma State INV
    vega, teodoro mexican team INV
    Watson, Robin Speed River TFC INV

    MENS 10,000M
    Name Team Race
    Acierno, Jose Mx International INV
    Ashkettle, Ben Northern Arizona INV
    Bostrom, Morten Northern Arizona INV
    Briney, Trent McMillanElite INV
    Buell, Michael UC Riverside INV
    Clark, Chris California (Pa.) INV
    Ealy, John Ohio State INV
    Eaton, Michael Louisville INV
    Estrada, Diego Northern Arizona INV
    garcia, amado INV
    Gonia, Daniel Cal Poly INV
    gray, joseph Club Northwest INV
    Kosgei, Julius Harding INV
    Kotter, John BYU INV
    Levassiur, Matt Unattached/Brooks INV
    Limpf, Paul Eastern Washington INV
    Llano, Matt INV
    McLeod, Tim Indiana INV
    Ogden, Nathan BYU INV
    Osman, Ahmed Northern Arizona INV
    Peacock, Landon Wisconsin INV
    rodriguez, cele Strands/puma INV
    Sayenko, Mike Strands INV
    Schirmer, Jeff Southern Illinois INV
    Shay, Stephen BYU INV
    Swier, Troy Cal Poly INV
    Trujillo, Carlos Eugene Running Company INV
    Trujillo, Esteban Eugene Running Company INV
    Vail, Ryan Oklahoma State INV
    Wagner, Christian Wisconsin INV
    Wagnew, Babey Adams State INV

    MENS 3000M SC
    Name Team Race
    Acierno, Jose Mx International INV
    Ahlbeck, Sam Washington St. INV
    Bor, Hillary Iowa State INV
    Brockerville, Ryan Simon Fraser INV
    Day, Jeff NYAC INV
    Gasper, Ryan Wisconsin INV
    Houck, Justin Portland INV
    Hughes, Matt Louisville INV
    Keskisalo, Jukka Finland INV
    Kloos, Thomas adidas Transports INV
    Miranda, Salvador Mx International INV
    Mugo, Stanley Eastern Kentucky INV
    Nelson, Richard BYU INV
    Nye, Jace Weber State INV
    Olson, David Weber State INV
    Perry, Kyle BYU INV
    Powers, Mike VS Athletics TC INV
    Ramirez, David Mx International INV
    Spence, Michael ASICS INV
    Thorne, Cory Louisville INV

    MENS 110M HH
    Name Team Race
    Anderson, Jeshua Washington St. INV
    Arnold, Dominique Nike INV
    Bogdanof, Tim INV
    Dittmer, Paul Idaho INV
    Harbor, Anthony Unattached INV
    Iida, Masakui Waseda University INV
    Ryan Wilson DS Sports INV
    Spurlock, Oscar USC INV
    Williams, Robert Washington St. INV

    MENS 400M H
    Name Team Race
    Anderson, Jeshua Washington St. INV
    Boyd, Justin Unattached INV
    Dai'Re, Val Pierre Fresno State INV
    Leavitt, Barry Washington St. INV
    Profit, Marquis INV
    Robertson, Josef Unat. INV
    Titsworth, Chris Arizona INV
    williams, sean INV
    Wyatt, Reggie Unattached INV

    MENS 4x100
    Arizona State INV
    Boise State INV
    Cal St. Los Angeles INV
    Great Britain INV
    Prime Techniques Steppa'INV
    Sacramento St. INV
    Waseda INV
    Washington St. INV
    World Class Elite INV

    MENS 4 X 400
    Team Race
    Arizona State INV
    Great Britain INV
    Loughborough INV
    New Era TC INV
    Prime Techniques Steppa'INV
    Washington St. INV
    Weber State INV
    World Class Elite INV

    Name Team Race
    Adio, Bayo Team Nigeria INV
    Arrivey, Trent Washington St. INV
    Berry, John UNATCHED INV
    Carter, Matt VS Athletics TC INV
    Dillon, Mark Toronto INV
    Golden, Jonathon Cal St. Fullerton INV
    Grinnell, Ryan Boise State INV
    Martinez, Gerardo Mx International INV
    Rivera, Edgar univ. mexico INV
    ROUCO , JORGE Eureka mexico INV
    Wijesekara, Manjula Kumara USC INV

    Name Team Race
    DaCunha, Brian Unattached INV
    Frawley, Nick Air Force INV
    Hollis, Mark Unattached INV
    Kim, Yoo Korea INV
    Lanaro, Giovanni Mexico INV
    Litchfield, Paul Pocatello TC INV
    Mackel, Derek INV
    Quiller, Rory Asics INV
    Roth, Scott Washington INV
    Ryan, Jeff Unattached INV
    Sawano, Daichi Japan INV
    Skipper, Tommy Nike INV
    Stevenson, Toby Nike INV

    Name Team Race
    Allmond, Tony USATF INV
    Cole, Reindell Cal St. Northridge INV
    Flimmons, Randall USATF INV
    Frederick, Norris USATF INV
    Grinnell, Ryan Boise State INV
    Horiike, Masayuki Waseda University INV
    Latham, Clayton Brampton Elite INV
    Quinley, Trevell Nike INV
    Rivera-Morales, Luis Arizona INV MEXICO
    Tobler, JaRod USATF INV
    Turner, Matt USATF INV
    Williams, Elvie Idaho INV

    Name Team Race
    Arnos, Zacharias Boise State INV
    Carter, Ronald VS Athletics TC INV
    Felizola, Rolando Cal St. Northridge INV
    Grinnell, Ryan Boise State INV
    Honeycutt, Josh Emporia St. INV
    Laine, Samyr SJ Flight School INV
    Najera, Juan INV
    Rhoulas, Brandon USATF INV
    Rivera-Morales, Luis Arizona INV
    Roddick, Darrell Texas Tech INV
    Smith, Jamil VS Athletics TC INV
    Sparks, Ramon Abilene Christian INV
    Zapata, Moreno Washington St. IN

    Bryant, Noah USATF INV
    Figures, Chris INV
    Fritz, Jake Wisconsin INV
    Gersick, Matt Adams State INV
    Lloyd, Zack Arizona INV
    Mannucci, Eugenio Idaho INV
    Manz, Steve Unattached INV
    Myerscough, Carl INV
    Pinkelman, Luke Iowa State INV
    Rome, Jared Nike INV
    Smith, Chad Concordia (Cal.) INV
    Villarreal, Javier Northern Arizona INV

    Name Team Race
    Bowman, John Indiana Wesleyan INV
    Cadee, Erik Netherlands INV
    Conwell, William Unattached INV
    Dan, Aaron USC INV
    Erickson, Karl INV
    Lamb, Matt Washington St. INV
    Lightbody, Sam VS Athletics TC INV
    Malone, Casey INV
    McKay, Lucais VS Athletics TC INV
    Rome, Jared Nike INV
    Rosell, Per unattached INV
    Thurmond, Reedus Club Northwest INV
    Tunks, Jason INV

    Name Team Race
    Bingisser, Martin Switzerland INV
    Charfreitag, Libor Mizuno Track Club INV
    Cueto, Arnaldo INV
    Freeman, Jake USATF INV
    Johnson, Kibwe USATF INV
    Kruger, A.G. Nike INV
    MacKay, Lucais VS Athletics TC INV
    Nerdal, Steffen INV
    Pagliasotti, Matt INV
    Paul, David TBD INV
    Wardhaugh, Simon Boise State INV
    Welihozkiy, Nick Pacific Bay Track Club INV
    Woydziak, Luke Pacific Bay INV

    Name Team Race
    Degen, Dustin Montana State INV
    Dehn, Robert Wisconsin INV
    Dolezal, Riley North Dakota St. INV
    Furey, Sean USATF INV
    Hook, Kyle Idaho INV
    Kirkwood, Chris Hornet Track Club INV
    Krammes, Barry USATF INV
    Krumeich, Peter Fresno State INV
    Lam, Nick Montana State INV
    Lynch, Ollie INV
    Mendez, Juan Tec de Monterrey INV
    Mills, Nick Sacramento St. INV
    Moss, Curtis British Columbia INV
    Nielsen, Kyle Washington INV
    Nyland, David Washington INV
    Presby, Mark Washington St. INV
    Richardson, Chris VS Athletics TC INV
    Rodriguez, Gabe Long Beach St. INV
    Smith, Bobby Unattached INV
    St. Clair, Justin Unattached INV
    Stoltz, Thomas Tulsa INV
    Thomee, Pontus Boise State INV
    van Swearingen, Dan Montana State INV
    Viafore, Scott Boise State INV
    White, Corey USC INV
    Williams, Brandin Colorado INV
    Williams, Brian INV
    K E N