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"The Man Behind The Penn Relays"


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    Originally posted by mike renfro
    Somehow, I don't think Garry would be willing to sit through 150K HS 4x4 relays, each slower than the last. An exageratlon, but not by that much. The meet is fun, if you can swing it, every track fan (field.... not so much) ought do it once, but for me, once was plenty. We had a good time, contributed a bit on the split crew (they didn't trust us with the Jamacian elite teams ) and met some people who we knew by name only. Also, ran into old friends who we hadn't seen in awhile. The restaurants in Philly are okay, but they don't have their own Zagat for a reason. Hell, even San Diego has one now.

    There is so much announcing to be done at Penn, the commish last year probably did about 1/3 of it. The elite stuff mostly. The lesser HS competitions were handled (I thought compently) by others. Yes, Bob will be missed, but he has been doing this for a looooong time, and as a true professional, the preparation had to be enormous. It's not as if we won't have his wisdom to tap into. He has retired from announcing, not the sport.
    Actually Bob had not been doing Penn for very long - l think less than ten years. He took over for Jack O'Reilly who had done it for decades and was a Penn tradition.

    I also suspect that Bob would tell you he was dissatisfied with his effort doing the Penn Relays in his first try at it - on short notice if I recall. It is a bit different than any other announcing job - in part because there is virtually no dead time. One race ends, and the next begins only seconds later. Bob's strength as an announcer, as we all know, was his introductions which were well researched and extremely informative. There is no time for that kind of thing at Penn. But as any real pro, he adjusted to the job after a bit of practice.


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      One of the current Penn Relays announcers who has been there for a number of years is excellent and can be heard for example calling this years HS boys 4x800 relay won by Albemarle.