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Letter to editor praises Phoebe Wright


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  • Letter to editor praises Phoebe Wright

    Some other tidbits also about local track athletes.

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    i was at penn...

    the 4X8, channelle price broke it wide open with a 2:02 2nd leg, and bowman did the 3rd leg making it a time trial for wright to get the college record...

    price had an outstanding 1500 2nd leg too in the 4X1500..

    3 teams, georgetown, washington and tennessee... price basically dropped washington out of the mix..

    given 2008 tenneesse had 3 2nds in those events to come back to win all 3, with a world record and college record...

    great victory lap on friday and saturday too..

    penn, with it mammoth crowds give college runners, something they rarely get, massive appreciation..

    kudos to JJ clark for bring along price too..

    massive pr for her in her 1500...


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      By the way, the names of Hammonds, Wright and Fox (mentioned in the link) have somehow eluded my radar through the years, so I did some digging on them. Sam Woolwine, longtime sports writer in town, wrote back to me that Hammonds and Wright attended Howard High School and Fox went to East Ridge, which used to have a fantastic track program. Hammonds used to own the state 100y record. All three are in the Greater Chattanooga Sports Hall of Fame.

      Now I'm wondering who the author of the letter is. He says he competed in the NCAAs in '74, also. Does the author by chance read this board??? If not, it's back to digging...