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"UK Sport acts to head off Olympic rebellion"


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  • "UK Sport acts to head off Olympic rebellion"

    That's the title of a piece now linked to the front page. This is the subhed:

    <<UK Sport has withdrawn its threat to stop the Lottery funding of any Olympic athlete who refuses to sign its new 'Team 2012' deed by Wednesday's deadline and has agreed to clarify aspects of the agreement to head off a rebellion over image rights.>>

    Goes on to say <<....But many of Britain's best known Olympic stars, including the entire cycling, swimming and diving squads, have refused to put pen to paper after receiving legal advice that the deed could limit their earning potential from individual sponsorship deals....>>

    This piece reminds me of nothing so much of what USATF has in store for it if/when it tries to limit what athletes can and can't do between the Trials and Games.

    The serfs are picking up their pitchforks!

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    And just as well! Most Olympic sports are not high earners. This is the highest profile our canoeists, riflemen, etc are going to have ever in the lead up to 2012. There shouldn't be anything that restricts their earning rights.

    The men in blazers have a tendency to be a bit heavy-handed over here and don't alwys think about what's best for the athletes. Same everywhere I suppose but still ...