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    Originally posted by Marlow
    Yes, but we're talking about a perceived link: Rabbits need to go because they are 'connected' to PEDs.
    True, i agree they have a coincidental not causal relationship. The author wrote:
    Originally posted by The article quoted at the beginning of this thread
    Any measures which promote genuine contests instead of paced world records are to be applauded.
    I agree with that and I agree with marlow that it wouldn't change the drug issue one iota, but did the original author imply that it would? Hard to say since the drug thing seemed more like a throw away observation.

    Actually, more emphasis on racing might make track more popular and thus the incentives to win (appearance fees, sponsorship and prices) become higher. So this might make the incentives to take PED's high not less.


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      taking this in a different direction

      This is about pacesetters, but slightly off the direction of the present conversation. The NCAA has been reviewing the policy on pacesetters for a while, seeing if some remedy needs to take place. If I can capture the essence of the debate, it goes something like this. We know that there are a finite number of qualifying spots to the NCAA Championships, so unlike staged races, there is another goal in mind. And given that there are a finite number of qualifying spots, and these spots are highly desirable, coaches will look for any advantage to propel their athletes to gain one. On the one side of the debate are those that say, the competition itself is the primary focus, and qualifying performances should come as a byproduct of great races, where everyone has to focus on tactics, and strategy, etc. The other side of the debate is on artificially inserting someone into a race to turn that competition into no more than a time trial, therefore negating the tactics, strategy, etc. While nothing has been decided it is an interesting debate for collegiate track & field. Any thoughts would be welcome on this topic.