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Jamaica International Invitational Saturday, May 2


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    Originally posted by tandfman
    Originally posted by Gleason
    Originally posted by gh
    I've got a friendly suggestion..... cut back on the confusion by trimming down what you respond to in the first place; copying every response in the thread only eats up bandwidth.
    I agree. How might I be "trimming down" w/o retyping? I found no help in "FAQ."


    It's simple.

    But if you understand how the quote thing works (beginning with
    Originally posted by someone
    and ending with
    then you can preserve the integrity of the quoting with just a little though and without re-typing text.



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      List(not complete)

      100m: Richard Thompson, Marc Burns, Darvis Patton, Yohan Blake, Kim Collins, Dwight Thomas

      200m: Christian Malcolm, Brian Dzingai, Marvin Anderson, Chris Williams, Xavier Brown

      400m; Renny Quow, Ricardo Chambers, Sanjay Ayre

      800m: Kahadevis Robinson and some Kenyans who have asked for pace makers.

      Good competitive field

      Kerron Clement, Danny McFarlane, Isa Phillips

      LJ: Miguel Pate, James Beckford, Herbert McGregor

      100m: Shelly-Ann Fraser, Kerron Stewart, Schilonne Calvert, Bianca Knight, Marshavet Hooker

      200m: Bianca Knight, Michelle Lewis, Aleen Bailey, S. Calvert

      400m: Sanya Richards, Bobby-Gaye Wilkins, Novelene Williams, Moya Thompson, Melaine Walker, Rosemarie White.

      800m: Kenia Sinclair, Hazel Clarke…Sinclair has asked for a pacemaker.

      100mh: Dawn Harper, Deloreen Ennis-Landon, Lacena Golding-Clarke, Vonette Dixon

      400mh: Tasha Danvers, Nickesha Wilson, Shevon Stoddart, Kaleise Spencer
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        They just interviewed Kerron Stewart and she is said that she is ready and is in good shape for tomorrows race.

        Kerron won easily last year's womens 100m in 10.96

        Kerron was the most impressive of the women on Jamaica's 4 x 100m Womens relay team at last weeks Penn Relays. She ran a storming 3rd leg.
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          Meet starts at 7:30pm EDT that is 6:30pm Jamaica Time

          Link to meet results

          Schedule of events

          Jamaica Time
          6:30 p.m. Long Jump Women

          6:30 p.m. 4x100m High School Relay Girls

          6:40 p.m. 4x100m High School Relay Boys

          6:50 p.m. 400m Hurdles Women

          7:00 p.m. 400m Hurdles Men

          7:00 p.m. Shot Put Men

          7:10 p.m. 1500m Men

          7:20 p.m. 100m JAAA Development Men

          7:30 p.m. Opening Ceremony

          7:45 p.m. 100m Women

          7:50 p.m. 100m Men

          8:00 p.m. 800m Women

          8:00 p.m. Long Jump Men

          8:10 p.m. 800m Men

          8:20 p.m. 100m Hurdles Women

          8:30 p.m. 100m Hurdles Men

          8:40 p.m. 400m JAAA Development Men

          8:45 p.m. 400m Women

          8:50 p.m. 400m Men

          9:00 p.m. 200m Women

          9:10 p.m. 200m Men

          9:20 p.m. 4x400m High School Relays Girls

          9:30 p.m. 4x400m High School Relays Boys
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            I'm gonna pass through, its a shame no bolt.


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              Meet is currently under way.

              Will provide results as soon as they are available.
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                Womens 100m runners on the line right now

                Lane assignments
                1. Calvert, Schillonie Jamaica NT
                2 Knight, Bianca USA NT
                3 Bailey, Aleen Jamaica NT
                4 Fraser, Shelly-Ann Jamaica NT
                5 Stewart, Kerron Jamaica NT
                6 Hooker, Marshavet USA NT
                7 Baptiste, Kelly-Ann Trinidad & Tobag NT
                8 Harrigan, Tahesia British Virgin I NT
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                  Kerron Stewart wins in 10.92 wind 1.2 Fastest time in the world this year.

                  Kerron won shutting down in the last few meters.

                  Womens 100m
                  1 Stewart, Kerron Jamaica 10.92 1.2
                  2 Hooker, Marshavet Usa 11.14 1.2
                  3 Fraser, Shelly-Ann Jamaica 11.15 1.2
                  4 Bailey, Aleen Jamaica 11.15 1.2
                  5 Baptiste, Kelly-Ann Trinidad & Tobago 11.17 1.2
                  6 Calvert, Schillonie Jamaica 11.25 1.2
                  7 Knight, Bianca Usa 11.34 1.2
                  8 Harrigan, Tahesia British Virgin I 11.47 1.2
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                    Mens 100m on the block.

                    Richard Thompson false starts.
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                      Mens 100m Wind 0.1

                      1 Patton, Darvis Usa 10.02 0.1
                      2 Bailey, Daniel Antigua 10.02 0.1
                      3 Blake, Yohan Jamaica 10.07 0.1
                      4 Thompson, Richard Trinidad & Tobago 10.07 0.1
                      5 Callendar, Emmanuel Trinidad & Tobago 10.19 0.1
                      6 Collins, Kim St. Kitts 10.34 0.1
                      7 Thomas, Dwight Jamaica 10.42 0.1
                      -- Burns, Marc Trinidad & Tobago DNS 0.1
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                        Zippy times.


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                          No shocker from Kerron IMO. She ran 10.96 there last year.

                          Nice time by Doc. He's one of my favorites on the men's side. Always like to watch him run.


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                            Dawn Harper wins womens 100 hurdles
                            Cows need love too


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                              Novelene beats Richards in 50.99 in the womens 400m

                              World leading time by Novlene.

                              1 Williams, Novlene Jamaica 50.99
                              2 Richards, Sanya Usa 51.12
                              3 Whyte, Rosemarie Jamaica 51.85
                              4 Wilkins, Bobby-Gaye Jamaica 51.87
                              5 Thompson, Moya Jamaica 52.79
                              6 Cox, Shana Usa 53.29
                              7 Sutherland, Sonita Jamaica 53.69
                              -- Walker, Melanie Jamaica DNS
                              -- Bonne, Daisuraime Cuba SCR
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                                Originally posted by jamaicantrackfan
                                Novelene beats Richards in 50.99 in the womens 400m

                                World leading time by Novlene.
                                Sounds like Allyson Felix should REALLY consider running the 400m in Berlin... in addition to the 200