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UCLA-USC dual is Live & Free


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  • UCLA-USC dual is Live & Free

    Thanks to the generous folks at the University of Southern California (this year's host of the meet), Saturday's traditional dual meet is scheduled to be streamed live over the Internet and free of charge. I think you may have to register.

    general info: ... 09aaa.html

    USC's video site (scroll down or seach for T&F link): ... dia=125930

    Fans' dope sheets here:

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    I'm going to it tomorrow!

    Weeeeeeeeeeee, I'm excited! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Watching this meet when I was in HS in the 60's kicked up my interest in track and field a notch. It might have been the first year that UCLA beat USC, but I am not sure.


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        The T&FN Homepage says that the web-cast starts at 2PM PDT. However, I beleive that 2:00PM refers to the time that the meet promo video was posted on 4/28/09.

        The meet starts at 11:00AM PDT and the web-cast is stating "TBD" as the actual web-cast start time.

        If you cannot make the meet, enjoy the web-cast. Both meets (men and women) should be very close.


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          I just got back from the usc ucla meet

          That meet didn't exactly go how I wanted it to

          Well, the mens 4x100 was exciting, although the wrong team won it, at least both teams went sub 40, so that's cool.

          Nicole Leach was not nearly as fast as I thought she would be though

          Pole Vault competition was silly, since they decided to raise straight from 17 to 17-5 so it went from everyone clearing with ease to nobody clearing anything ever. Which didn't help UCLA much on points.

          I can't really whine too much though, I mean, Ahmad Rashad did get dq'd from the 100m on false starts (which, looking back on it, I wish he would have been allowed to run, since it wouldn't have changed the overall outcome anyway)

          The funniest event by far thought was the mens 5k.

          First the men decided to quite literally hold some sort of verbal argument (not 1 or 2 words, not 5 or 10 words, I'm talking like an actual full conversation) during the race, then I think one of them shoved another one really hard, or punching him or something, at which point one of the trojans jogged away from the pack holding his hands up in the air, as if he wasn't sure what was going on, while some other guys stared at him

          and then...

          it got weird...

          the bruin who was in the lead (and eventually won the race) kept looking behind him and holding his hands out to his side, and looking back at his teammates behind him motioning for them to hurry the hell up and run with him, and they kept not speeding up to catch up (he was pretty far ahead). So what does he do? Get this... he turns around and starts running backwards. Not like, running the wrong direction, but like, running backwards like a football cornerback for a little bit, while pleading with his teammates to catch the hell up to him, lol. Finally they speed up and run next to him and he's happy finally and they destroy the Trojans as expected (in that race).

          Lots and lots of goofing around in that race, lol.

          Anyways, congrats USC, nice job. Hopefully we will get you next year.


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            I also took a few videos, but the only one that came out half decent was the mens 200m one. I can try to post it for you guys if you'd like, although I guess maybe they have a better vid of it by now through fsn or online somewhere I dunno. If not, then yea, I do have a vid of the mens 200 from this meet. I don't have any pictures of the 5k guy running backwards though, unfortunately.