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Oklahoma High Schooler runs 10.10


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  • Oklahoma High Schooler runs 10.10

    He's now the current high school (and probably World Junior - not sure of BOD) leader, but has anyone ever heard of him? That NWI makes it a bit suspect.
    Athlete Name: Jeremie Robertson
    School Name: Del City, OK
    Class: 2009

    2009 Outdoor
    Date Event Performance Notes Meet
    2009-05-09 B-100 10.10 DS#1 NWI Edmond Santa Fe Regional 6A
    2009-04-23 B-100 10.62 NWI Edmond Track Classic
    2009-05-09 B-200 21.26 DS#8 NWI Edmond Santa Fe Regional 6A
    2009-04-23 B-200 21.56 NWI Edmond Track Classic

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    10.1 wind-aided hand time, most likely
    Used to happen 5-6 times a year in Texas


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      Same school as recent wHJ HS record-tying Toni Young.


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        Doesn't show on his milesplit page.


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          any surprise sprint time (partic. at prep level) that ends in 0 virtually always means hand, but....

          Event 102 Boys 100 Meter Dash Class 6A
          ================================================== =====================
          Name Year School Finals Points
          ================================================== =====================
          1 Robertson, Jermie Del City 10.10 10
          2 Hill, Xavier Del City 10.43 8
          3 Turner, Raymond Del City 10.70 6
          4 Mills, Brian Edmond Santa Fe 10.80 4
          5 Henderson, Walter Edmond Santa Fe 10.81 2
          6 Smith, Johnny PC West 10.82 1
          7 Massengil, Dominique Lawton 10.83
          8 Johnson, Fred Lawton 11.19

          he won the 200 in 21.26


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            With a previous PR of 10.36 it's reasonable he could go 10.10, especially if it was windy(as Oklahoma is known to be occasionally). A shame no wind gauge.


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              Even if windy, looks like Del City has the makings of a pretty decent 4x1.


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                According to, there were gusts up to 11 meters per second much of the day on May 9.


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                  Jack Shepard says the best auto time he can find on Robertson is an nwi 10.62.

                  And Del City has no 4x1 of note.

                  He guesses those are hand times.


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                    More on Oklahoma:

                    <<....Very little in Oklahoma is FAT timed. Some meets in Norman, sometimes a few in Ardmore, and things like the State meet in Tulsa. One year at the State meet they turned a race around to run with the wind, but
                    forgot to move the FAT camera. So we have a picture of the sprint
                    start with the camera at the start line and timed the race by hand.....>>


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                      Another OK schoolboy ran 10.16 at a different regional on the same day! Also NWI, but has somewhat better credentials with what appears to be a legal FAT 10.58 at last year's state meet.

                      Athlete Name: David Gordon
                      School Name: East Central, OK
                      Class: 2009

                      2009 Outdoor
                      Date Event Performance Notes Meet
                      2009-05-09 B-100 10.16 #1 DS#2 NWI Skiatook Regional 6A
                      2009-04-18 B-100 10.52 #1 w(3.2) John McDonnell Invitational
                      2009-04-18 B-100 10.52 #1 w(3.2) McDonnell Invite
                      2009-04-11 B-100 10.63 #1 w(2.1) John Jacobs Invite
                      2009-04-18 B-200 21.36 #1 w(5.2) John McDonnell Invitational
                      2009-04-18 B-200 21.36 #1 w(5.2) McDonnell Invite
                      2009-04-11 B-200 21.60 #2 DS#62 w(-1.3) John Jacobs Invite

                      2008 Outdoor
                      Date Event Performance Notes Meet
                      2008-05-10 B-100 10.58 #1 DS#81 w(1.4) OK State 5A OUT
                      2008-04-12 B-100 10.63 #1 w(0) Jacobs-D2 OUT
                      2008-05-10 B-200 21.22 #1 DS#36 w(1.9) OK State 5A OUT
                      2008-04-12 B-200 21.29 #1 w(0) Jacobs-D2 OUT


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                        NWI - Not Worth Crap (poetic license in use)


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                          I can never understand why you even bother using electonic timing if you neglect a wind indicator.

                          Even buying a used system isnt significantly more when buying a wind indicator.


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                            HS times - ya gotta love 'em! :P


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                              NWI is kind of like giving a baseball score without saying who the teams are.