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Gerd goes 228 in WR bid in San Diego


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  • Gerd goes 228 in WR bid in San Diego

    Great story by Z-man on Gerd Kanter's efforts yesterday: ... ?uniontrib

    His best was 227-11 (69.46)

    Supposedly went 238 in practice.

    K E N
    K E N

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    Re: Gerd goes 228 in WR bid in San Diego

    [quote="TrackCEO"]His best was 227-11 (69.46)

    Supposedly went 238 in practice.[quote]

    Why do athletes always make these claims of huge practice marks? If they are true, they suggest a serious problem with the athlete's competitive mindset if they do so much worse in competition. It should be something to be ashamed of, not to brag about. That's if the claims are actually true - but I'm convinced in 90% of the cases they're not.
    Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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      Have you ever thrown anything? The pressure of competition aside, in a practice session you can get off as many throws as you want in as close a succession as you want.

      I have no idea where fatigue factor might start to set in, but I can certainly imagine throwing the discus 20 times in 20 minutes with little ill effect. Compare that with throwing 6 times with 10-15 minutes between throws as you're forced to do in a major competition.

      In which scenario are you likely to tweak the muscle memory to its peak and find a groove?


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        I was pleasantly suprised to see Zeigler's story in today's U-T. We don't usually get that kind of coverage. After I got the throwing order for the events and was watching the women warm up, I did a quick (probably inaccurate) count of people in the stadium. About 20-25 was my guess. By the time the men were warming up, quite a few more had drifted in, Zeigler guesstimated 150. Could be right. What I found strange was that they sat up in the stands. Yes, you can see the landing better than at ring side, but with no PA, the distance would be a bit of a mystery. I didn't notice the Estonian flags, but, then I was watching the throws and recording marks.

        Ah, well, on to Carson


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          Anyone see results from yesterday's comp in Salinas? Thanks.


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            Nothing on sfgate, that I could dig out. If the Chron didn't cover it, we'll probably have to wait for the next eTN. TFN usually had either a staffer or correspondant at the meet, but with the current situation with the field (ie, not valid for statistical purposes), they may not have bothered. The 5 May meet was covered, so maybe...


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              All I heard is that Waltz threw 63.40, but no idea of place or wind conditions.