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  • Travel to the Prefontaine Meet

    I've suddenly realized that my work schedule will allow me to attend the Pre meet this year, and I've had a very quick look at airline schedules. Years go, I'd flown into Eugene, and I recall that the flights took many hours from Reno, so I thought I might instead fly ino Portland, and rent a car from there.
    My question is this: There's a return flight from PDX to RNO at 7:50 PM, and it looks as if that'd be quite easy to catch, but I'd like to ask those with "local Knowledge" whether my plan might be too optimistic, given factors such as traffic leaving Hayward Field.

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    No problem whatsoever. The meet is over at 1:00. Easy to get out of Eugene. You could be at the Portland airport by 4:00 p.m.


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      You might consider driving it. Can be done in 7 hours if you push it. When you factor in driving to the airport in Reno, arriving early, renting the car in Portland, driving to Eugene and, especially, the 7 hour wait from when the meet ends and your flight leaves Portland, it wouldn't cost you much (if any) time to drive.
      I wouldn't want to do it the same day, though!

      Traffic out of Hayward is rarely an issue. Just park for free on the street a few blocks east of Hayward, drive down to Franklin, turn right and you'll find good signage for getting back on I-5 in either direction.


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        Many thanks for those replies! I'll have to fly, because I'll have to work all night on the 5th, and I'll be too tired to drive 7-8hrs on the 6th, but I've been encouraged by your answers, and I think I'll buy tickets tomorrow!