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Götzis 2009 [Schrader 8522, Dobrynska 6558]


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    FWIW, Hardee should be worth an 8700 every week of the summer. His 400m should be 1 second faster than his PR and the 1500m should be a 700point event for him.
    ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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      Originally posted by paulthefan
      should be . . . should be . . .
      ah yes, the shoulda/woulda/oughtas of the Deca World! :wink:


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        I must say after her indoor form I was surprised that Dobrynska did so well, although maybe that was naive after her 08 breakthrough! She had a fantastic second day here, including that great 2:12 PB at 800 which has been largely overlooked. Though 2:12 doesn't seem great, it is for her, as she used to drag herself round in 2:16 at best. This shows she just needs to sharpen her 100mh and HJ and she'll be back to near 6,700 come Berlin.

        Tight results for the German women...Schwarzkopf did well to come back with 6.30 in the LJ which is her weakest event and as usual the JT saved her. If she can get back to 1.80 in the HJ and repeat her SP best she'll be much better in Berlin. Though I havent seen the meet yet, she mentioned something about the wind on the back straight in the 800 sapping her, so I imagine she went off fairly hard as usual and faded some, so can see a few secs off the 800 time too.

        Great result from Machtig as expected, as with Dobrynska if she can tidy up her first two events she can improve, all her events after those were very good. a sub 14 100mh is absolutely necessary as it's that event that scores the most points for heptathletes, along with the LJ.

        I'm not quite sure what to think about a Ukranian 1-2-3 here. I don't think anyone expected that.

        I was only saying it was about time a German man came through and see what happens Schrader's training results have been very good. If he can use the crowd in Berlin (assuming he gets selected) he can challenge.

        Ratingen will now be very interesting on the women's front. If Schulz can't get fit before then it should be these 3 that get selected, but if Sotherton does start as rumoured it will be a good match.

        Overall his is all good news for Ennis though, especially with Chernov'a poor showing. Surely it's a UK v USA v UKR battle for medals now? Unless Bogdanova is doing some special in training I dont see Russia on the rostrum in Berlin.


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          Keep in mind that Hardee would harldy be peaking this early in the season, I'd look for his sprinting to improve and his 1500m running to improve at least by about 5 or so seconds.He was walloped in that 150mm race by 22 sec's so he left a lot of room for himself to be caught.

          Have no fear, Berlin is the the goal!