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MidWest w3000st [Barringer 9:26.20 CR/WL]


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  • MidWest w3000st [Barringer 9:26.20 CR/WL]

    I posted this on another thread, but Jenny deserves her own!

    World lead, just outside her PR, 34-second victory. A star in the making.

    Section 2
    1 Jennifer Barringer SR Colorado 9:26.20C 10
    2 Lennie Waite SR Rice 10:00.71F 8
    3 Erin Bedell JR Baylor 10:01.71F 6
    4 Becky Wade SO Rice 10:12.16F 5
    5 Silje Fjortoft SO Southern Methodist 10:16.79 4
    6 Nicole Mericle JR Rice 10:16.87 3
    7 Rachel Carrizales SR Nebraska 10:21.51 2
    8 Danielle Bradley JR Baylor 10:25.12 1
    9 Emma Coburn FR Colorado 10:25.82
    10 Emily Higgins JR Wyoming 10:35.79
    11 Risper Kimaiyo FR Texas-El Paso 10:38.04
    12 Joslyn Dalton SR Nebraska 10:39.20
    13 Hannah Roeder JR Iowa 10:40.85
    14 Jessica Furlan FR Nebraska 10:50.25
    15 Jamie Cheever SR Minnesota 10:59.81
    16 Rachel York JR Wichita State 11:08.49
    17 Kara DeWalt JR Montana 11:34.64

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    Re: MidWest w3000st [Barringer 9:26.20 WL]

    Originally posted by Half Miler
    A star in the making.
    Jennifer Barringer SR Colorado 9:26.20C
    We Floridians pronounced her a star several years ago!


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      Hopefully she'll soon be starring on the international stage as well. :wink:

      Currently, she makes the world list in 4 events (haven't updated these with all of today's results).

      1500 (16th) 4:08.38
      3000 (7th) 8:42.03i
      3000st (1st) 9:26.20
      5000 (7th outdoors) 15:07.64


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        The IAAF article on Barringer's 9:26 says her mark is a collegiate record. Is that true? I figured her national record from last year would be the collegiate record (working under the assumption that summer marks count towards the CR).


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          For record purposes, the NCAA only considers marks made during the collegiate season, which ends with the NCAA Championships. Thus, the previous CR was Barringer's own 9:29.20 from Des Moines last year. Her 9:22.26 is still the American Record, however.

          But if you ask me, this is a dumb rule.


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            The NCAA doesn't keep "collegiate records" at all. The only records they officially maintain are for the NCAA Championships.


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              Barringer will be the reason Anna Willard will break the American steeple record at the national's. She's a strong, courageous runner, but won't be able to kick with Willard.


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                Originally posted by lovetorun
                Barringer will be the reason Anna Willard will break the American steeple record at the national's. She's a strong, courageous runner, but won't be able to kick with Willard.
                Usually, it has been Jenny outkicking Anna.


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                  They've traded off the past three championships in which they have competed against one another:

                  Barringer won 2006 NCAA's, Willard was sixth.
                  Willard won 2007 NCAA's, Barringer was seventh.
                  Barringer won 2007 USATF, Willard was second.
                  Willard won 2008 OT, Barringer was third.
                  Barringer was ninth in OG, Willard was 10th.

                  Barringer also defeated Willard in Belgium by 0,03 last summer.

                  This is a new year, however, and I don't believe Barringer has the zip to kick past an ever-improved Willard; there are six seconds between their personal bests - both achieved in 2009.


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                    I think that every time there has been a 'kick' finish between them Jenny has gotten the better of the deal. She came back so fast on Willard that I would have a hard time thinking that, with Jenny's overall increased level that Willard will not definitively get the best of any finishing battle. Add to this that Jenny is several years younger and likely has further upside as well.


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                      "Every time"? They are one-all in races where their finishing times have been separated by what I'd consider a kicking duel: 9.22,73 - 9.22,76 for Barringer last year in Belgium and 9.34,64 - 9.34,72 for Willard two years ago at USATF.

                      Nice that their season openers have both been in the 9.26 range, though Barringer had no competition after an early point in her Regional race.

                      Williard is also improved. So, does the 15.01 indoor 5.000m runner who is also a 4.25 indoor miler defeat at 3.000m SC the 1.59 outdoor 800m runner who also PB'd at 4.30 indoors?

                      We'll find out soon enough.