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LM - JW and Golden League


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    In previous years both JW & Merritt had run terrific times to this point. It is the beginning of July with a little over 2-2.5 months left in the season. JW's 20.30 was pretty good a month ago and Merritt's recent 44.50 is sub-standard for him. Last year he took the Nationals in 44.00 (a season best to that point and he only ran 2 faster times the remainder of the year). In Eugene the headwind might have been strong on the backstretch but he would have had a favorable tailwind on the homestretch, so I don't think the conditions had a whole lot to do with his time, especially when you consider Gil Robert's time.

    If Merritt wants to improve his PR he needs to run his own race and run as fast as he can, not just faster than the competition. MJ and JW had/have done that most of their careers. I think a good indicator for the rest of the season will be how fast their times are in each of their next respective meets.


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      Re: LM - JW and Golden League

      Originally posted by proofs in the pudd'in
      Does anyone have any info on whether/if they will participate this year. I do not see JW scheduled for the 1st one on June 14th? This would be a great series between these two even if no one won all 6.

      Who do you think will win the match-ups this season and of course Berlin.

      As of now I say LM but if JW gets back to his 43.4 shape then I take JW.
      At the end of an article on Webb in USA Today that Marlow cited in a Webb thread, agent Kimberly Holland says it is unlikely JW and LM will face each other before the WC.