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A reason why we "want to keep track to ourselves".


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    Originally posted by Daisy
    Originally posted by Speedfirst
    I am speaking in general, I am a die hard fan and have been for over 37 years.
    Sorry for the confusion, certainly I thought you were talking about your own perspective. Although the point still stands, what do we change? In many ways this reminds me of how cricket had to reinvent itself. Test matches still play an important role but the introduction of limited overs and the world cup really help boost its popularity. So who is track and fields Kerry Packer?
    Daisy no need to apologize, obviously I wasn't clear on my position.

    We may not need to, nor change anything, if the status quo remains the same then we'll continue to get the type of coverage we get or worst.

    I know a typical reaction to change is to remain the same. With the current state of things in track & field with respect to this subject, I don't see new blood being infused especially with the type of numbers that can excite networks to provide/offer more coverage. Which can also create interest in viewing a live 10k event and other events that don't drum up the same interest as some of the more popular viewed events.

    Again to the causal fan there is a lot to take in when you're at live track meet.
    The coverage on television is poorly promoted, often times you have to channel surf and stumble upon a track meet. Even if you don't stumble upon it, you get piece meal coverage at best. You don't get piece meal coverage of football, basketball or a baseball game for example.
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      Originally posted by Speedfirst
      Originally posted by einnod23
      The main reason for no full 10K.......

      A full 10,000m on TV has the same problem as the old no shot-clock college hoop game.
      The comment about the 10K was regarding a live track meet.
      I know. Networks won't cover 10k live is that it's too long, which pisses the advertisers off! (they want their commercials). In college basketball's olden days, Dean Smith would run that Carolina 4-corners, and those commercials would never come, due to Phil Ford holding the ball and working that offense to perfection! Hence the shot clock and the TV timeouts!

      (I think I should start a 10K TV thread...I have a good proposal, coming up!).