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Klüft on recovering from injury and her transition to the LJ


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  • Klüft on recovering from injury and her transition to the LJ

    Shorter excerpts from a recent article about Carolina Klüft:

    “I had some really long faults (fouled jumps)”, Klüft said. “But, because it was all still new, I had to get used to things like jumping every week. Before, I had three heptathlons a year and for every one of them I was in great shape so I could do good every time. In this event, you do one competition maybe every week, sometimes twice a week, and that’s new for me. And you can’t be in good shape every time. It’s not going to go well every time. Knowing that one competition could be good and another could be a little bit less was new. It’s a big change because you have to think in a different way. It’s not going to be a one of those times when you snap your fingers and then you are there.”

    Immediate success was expected of Klüft by many, especially given her extraordinary track record in the heptathlon. When Klüft’s performances fell short of those lofty expectations - her best jump during 2008 measured 6.87m/22-6½ - people wondered out loud why anyone would choose to go from being the best in the world in an event to tied for 13th. She didn’t begrudge anyone of those opinions, but knew it would be a more tedious process to the top.

    “Just like people are different, people have expectations and that’s a human right to have,” Klüft said. “I guess somebody thought that it would be easy for me. The most important thing is how I feel and how I see it. I knew it would be difficult. But that was my choice. That was the only choice I had to be able to breathe again. Physically and mentally, I was done with the heptathlon. For me it’s about my life and my expectations. I will not tell anybody what they should expect. I can only tell them what I expect and this is how I believe in my career and how I think I can perform. Then people can paint their own picture.”
    Read the full article here:

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    Sorry, it wasn't the whole article I posted earlier, but I've cut it a bit down now.

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    She didn't look very good in the LJ in NY this past weekend. She looked a LOT better when she passed me on her way to the athletes bus