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Seinäjoki javelin meeting (Thorkildsen 88.97)


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  • Seinäjoki javelin meeting (Thorkildsen 88.97)

    As (unfortunately, since there are no events other than javelin) the quite possibly most internationally notable meet on our soil this year the Seinäjoki JT comp of June 6 should be a good start for the Finnish year. Pitkämäki and Ruuskanen will open their seasons in the deep end, meeting an impressive line-up including Thorkildsen and Mannio (who has already thrown a 85.70 PB this year and reportedly went 87+ in spring training). Weather forecast: cold, rain possible...

    Thrower                             PB
    Andreas Thorkildsen NOR  91.59
    Tero Pitkämäki                  91.53
    Antti Ruuskanen                87.33
    Harri Haatainen                  86.63
    Ari Mannio                         85.70
    Jarkko Koski-Vähälä          84.12
    Teemu Wirkkala                 84.10
    Mike Hazle USA                82.21
    Gerbrandt Grobler RSA       80.32

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    Instead of a tight and exciting competition, a Thorkildsen show. In spite of Vasilevskis' world leader he's still very much the man to beat. His throws were impressively easy and his supporting leg, if anything, is even steadier than before. (If Antti Ruuskanen had that he'd go ninety plus. As it is, he's throwing way too low, and has problems even breaking eighty.)

    Thorkildsen backed his best up with a 88.86, and even his fifth-best was almost 85. Wirkkala looked good but retired after 2 throws due to pain in the side. Mannio has definitely made progress and appeared to be trying too hard. Pitkämäki is in deep technical trouble, though he wasn't throwing too high for a change... Hazle's technique was even more atrocious, and he only got two beyond seventy.

    Weather: a helpful albeit not very strong tailwind, but quite cold. (I don't know exactly how cold, but it's 9°C (48°F) down here and probably less than that at Seinäjoki.)

    1. Andreas Thorkildsen NOR 88.97
    2. Teemu Wirkkala 84.68 PB
    3. Tero Pitkämäki 82.90
    4. Ari Mannio 82.78
    5. Gerbrandt Grobler RSA 79,48
    6. Antti Ruuskanen 78,39
    7. Mike Hazle USA 76,41
    8. Jarkko Koski-Vähälä 75,75
    9. Harri Haatainen 74,75


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      A throw over 290 (291-10) is decent this time of year . . . 8-)


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        Originally posted by Marlow
        A throw over 290 (291-10) is decent this time of year . . . 8-)
        Absolutely! Thorkildsen felt great despite the 50 degree weather. Still a few minor technical details to work on. He was very smooth and his run-up was excellent this time.


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          One more thing. Everything, from the IAAF article of this competition through IAAF 2009 top list and her profile there to much of Finnish media shows 18-year-old Carita Hinkka winning the women's competition with 54.37. This however happens to be plain wrong and is a classic case of everybody copying their neighbours' mistakes. Someone somewhere far down the line appears to have confused her real result - a new PB of 56.49 - with her old PB from 2 years ago. (Even her second best mark of 55.41 exceeded her old PB.)