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NCAA Women's Long Jump


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  • NCAA Women's Long Jump

    With Brittney Reese out of the picture due to her turning pro last year, who do you think will win the women's title. I'm leaning to UTEP's Blessing (To The Left) Okabare although I've been extremely impressed with Florida State's Kim Williams' performance as of late.

    Any thoughts on who may win next week (list of declared enterants below...I know the list may change once next week gets here)?

    Event 35 Women Long Jump ** Qual: 6.00 **
    ==== ======================= == ======================= =========== == =====
    1 Blessing Okagbare JR UTEP 6.86m MW 04-11 AQ3-1
    2 Rhonda Watkins SR UCLA 6.66m W Regn4 AQ4-1
    3 TiAnca Mock SO Oklahoma 6.64m MW 05-09 AQ3-2
    4 Karoline Koehler JR San Diego St 6.64m W Regn4 AQ4-2
    5 Shara Proctor JR Florida 6.61m E Regn1 AQ1-2
    6 Kimberly Williams SO Fla State 6.57m E 04-18 AQ1-1
    7 Jeomi Maduka SR Cornell 6.55m E 04-03 R1-7
    8 Bianca Stuart SR S. Illinois 6.54m ME Regn2 AQ2-1
    9 Arantxa King SO Stanford 6.47m W 04-18 R4-10
    10 Mindy Neeley JR BYU 6.46m W Regn4 AQ4-3
    11 Deana Carson JR Baylor 6.44m MW 05-16 R3-7
    12 Jamesha Youngblood SO Oregon 6.43m W 05-16 AQ4-4
    13 Wendy Copeland JR Miss State 6.42m ME Regn2 AQ2-2
    14 Gayle Hunter SR Penn St. 6.42m E 05-16 AQ1-4
    15 Chantel Malone SO Texas 6.37m MW Regn3 AQ3-3
    16 Bianca Fung SO Penn St. 6.36m E Regn1 AQ1-3
    17 Deandra Doyley JR Miami 6.35m E 04-17 R1-8
    18 Sarah Nambawa JR M. Tenn. St. 6.35m ME 05-09 AQ2-5
    19 Bettie Wade SR Michigan 6.34m ME 05-16 AQ2-3
    20 Natasha Harvey SR Jacksonville 6.32m E Regn1 R1-6
    21 Ashika Charan JR Texas A&M 6.32m MW Regn3 AQ3-4
    22 Pat Springs SR Charlotte 6.32m E Regn1 AQ1-5
    23 Danielle Watson JR UCLA 6.30m W Regn4 AQ4-5
    24 Tori Bowie FR S. Mississippi 6.30m ME 04-18 R2-6
    25 Leandra McGruder JR Nebraska 6.28m MW 05-16 R3-6
    26 Whitney Gipson FR TCU 6.27m MW Regn3 AQ3-5
    27 Priscilla Gaines SR Miss State 6.22m ME Regn2 AQ2-4

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    Mix I'am going for the BIG UPSET with the girl from Cornell Maduka!!!!!!