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2009 Pre Results: Bowerman Mile [Kiprop 3.48,50y WL]


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    As for Kiprop's waving to the crowd...

    Just before that he did the sign of the cross....Regardless....there is no doubt the guy is the real Olympic champ.

    Those strides, Man!!!


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      I'd emailed the mile results to a friend who is not a track fan, and he wanted to know where I'd placed in the race, and whether I'd broken 4 minutes (I'm 66, and my "running" is limited to 2-3 miles of jogging daily).
      My friend is forever telling me about "some guy that he saw working out at the gym who was in fantastic shape", and is obviously clueless (as is most of the public) about the amount of training required to run a sub-4 mile. Afew years ago, Larry Rawson was criticised for addressing casual viewers wih suggestions like, "Go to your local high school track, and try running 1/4 the way around in 14 seconds...", but it might bring home to those who, like my friend, are oblivious to the sort of accomplishment a sub-4 really is, and what an out-of-this-world accomplishment it is to run a sub-3:50 mile!