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    Did these guys deliberately decide to give as little information as is possible.
    They only posted the times for the first three finishers in a jiffy and they selodomly inicated the wind speed reading.

    To top it off, this was the worst I've heard form Ato regarding his analysis. This also includes the other announcers, none were engaging and gave any additional information a fan might have wanted to hear and good God...could someone tell them the young lady's name is Damu and not Dominique (there was one young annoucer who slipped it out).

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    Turn your volume down, you can't control them, but you can control your volume knob 8-)
    on the road


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      I was about to start a thread on this. Things I recall:
      --Women's 100: they show a clip of last week's Reebok 100, but it is the heat without Jeter. Then they act like she was in it.
      --Women's 1500: Why would Nike put everyone in the same outfit? Good god, what idiots. Then Pre puts big ass numbers on everyone, which doesn't do anyone any good. Why not go with names like everyone else is doing? The commentators were duly clueless as to what was going on.
      --Men's 400h: Ato on the replay expecting to see Bershawn smack the second hurdle when it was clearly the final turn.

      There is more, but I stopped making mental notes after a while. On the plus side, the Pre organizers seemed to have eliminated the rhythmic clapping for jumpers/vaulters as the sprinters are getting into the blocks. I complained about that last year, saying it would be easy to avoid. Apparently it is.