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    Originally posted by guru
    Originally posted by Daisy
    Originally posted by guru
    Keep up that attitude and you won't have the "blabbermouths" either.
    Probably happening already. Even marlow does not post as much. What ever happened to MJD, i assume he found greener pastures after being banned?
    It's amazing sometimes the attitude towards the regulars around here.

    It's no coincidence my subscription expired a few years ago after I was ridiculed, by a certain editor, for my innocent question regarding why the USATF championships/Olympic trials wasn't in the midwest more.
    You need to develop some thicker skin. Come on! Cancelling your subscription over hurt feelings on a message board? Your loss.

    I don't expect people to share all my opinions and view points and perhaps even feel a little angry at times, but I have never found a better place the discuss as passionate subject to me as track than these message boards. There are some bright well informed track nuts here and I am grateful there is such a place to refer to. Keep up the good work T&FN.


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      GH, I really appreciate this board which was my primary source of information, speculation, and generally appreciation of the events.

      I really appreciate the format used for important meets with each event called out specifically. The conversations are accessible and visible. It really adds to the events for me.

      my two cents.


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        Originally posted by odelltrclan
        You need to develop some thicker skin. Come on! Cancelling your subscription over hurt feelings on a message board? Your loss.

        No hurt feelings. Bad business practice. As a business owner myself I pay attention to not rewarding such.

        I was a relative newby to the board at the time, asking a question following the 2004 trials I was genuinely interested in knowing(if/when the Trials would return to a midwestern venue).
        There are no strings on me


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          Originally posted by no one
          So I'm assuming (don't know) that there is a $ expenditure and/or more man hours ... to have a separate NCAA section - ? No free lunch?
          Other than the few minutes it takes to craft the original set of by-event threads with the formcharts in them, it costs us nothing to have a separate NCAA section and we'll certainly continue to do that.

          When I said "not worth our time," I wasn't very clear. I was meaning that it's not worth the many hours of non-stop time for staffer(s) to be continually massaging those threads, adding data, insight, etc., for a handful of people when there are 15,000 magazine subscribers out there towards whom our efforts would be better directed.