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¶m4 x 400: Florida State 2:59.99 CL


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  • The NCAA 'system' is exactly like the rest of the world's systems, at EVERY age. Some go on to stellar int'l careers, some don't. The NCAA system is superior in one regard. It keeps lots and lots of kids in the sport, so they DO have the opportunity to get better. THE USA is fortunate to have this infinitely refilling pool and we are fortunate that Title IX (despite its glaring flaws) keeps more women in the sport than most other nations.


    • Originally posted by Big Daddy
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      knite wrote:
      The idea that the NCAA system burns out athletes is completely bogus.

      If you look at the all-time HS top 10 at 400, half of them didn't go on to great international career at the senior level, one is the current Olympic champion, one has achieved world-class performances but is yet to win any major medals and three were successful internationally after turning to drugs. Not sure that's a great record.
      Alot of guys did well after high school. I think you may want to review over the list one more time.
      If I recall correctly some of these top HS times might have already been assisted by a Balco chump, right?