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Midwest Distance Gala: Sub-4 High School Attempts


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  • EPelle
    Event 7 Men 1 Mile Run

    1 Springer, Andrew Westerly Hig 4:02.70
    2 Callahan, Peter Una-Il-Evans 4:05.20
    3 McGregor, Pat Una-Al-Hoove 4:07.07
    4 Nelson, Andrew Una-Il-Genev 4:09.33
    5 Shields, Drew Fishers Dist 4:10.37
    6 Hayek, Chris Una-Il-Mt._p 4:12.23
    7 Wardall, Taylor Una-Wi-Apple 4:12.59
    8 Hannon, Kyle Una-Il-Park_ 4:14.11
    9 Schafer, Walter Una-Co-Cente 4:14.57

    26 Verzbicas, Lukas Una-Il-New_l 4:24.15

    Event 1 Men 2 Mile Run

    1 Verzbicas, Lukas Una-Il-New_l 8:53.98 (8.50,70e; 8.20,15e)
    2 Haile, Solomon Una-Md-Silve 8:56.08
    3 Bazell, Graham Pwn3rs TC 8:56.65
    4 Sorensen, Dylan Una-In-Zions 9:08.87
    5 Rosenberg, Logan Una-In-Carme 9:11.49
    6 Larsen, Andrew Una-Il-Glen_ 9:13.70
    7 Nicolls, Danny Colorado 9:16.00
    8 Sulkin, Steve Una-Il-Elmhu 9:18.75
    9 Hunt, Mitchell Una-Ne-Fremo 9:21.83

    Verzbicas sets three class records in one race (3.000m, 3.200m, 2-mile)


    Meanwhile, at Portland Track Festival:

    Mac Fleet 4.02,90y ahead of Andrews (4.03,49y), Dunbar (4.06,65y), and Greer (4.08,08y). The last time Fleet was in a race this fast was 2008 CA State Meet, when he attempted to hang with Fernandez during that 4.00,29m race.

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  • EPelle
    started a topic Midwest Distance Gala: Sub-4 High School Attempts

    Midwest Distance Gala: Sub-4 High School Attempts ... p?id=32619

    Produced Finnerty's surprise 4.01y last season. This year, a pack of guys are again under 4.10 for 1.600m, led by a 4.05.

    Do they have what it takes to run sub-4 against one another? (The poll options have been disabled).

    I believe 4.02-mid will win at best, more likely 4.03,74y.