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Lol, just thought of a funny scenario, what would they do?


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  • Lol, just thought of a funny scenario, what would they do?

    What happens if at the end of a race, someone shoves someone from behind really hard just a couple meters before the guy is gonna cross the finish, and, since he got shoved really hard from behind, he actually finishes the race even faster than he would've if he hadn't been shoved from behind...

    And let's say they are somehow positive that the guy who got shoved from behind had no involvement in the incident, like, they somehow are sure he wasn't in kahutz with the shover, because let's say the shoving happens because the guy doing the shoving is really mad at the guy he shoved, like maybe he felt that the guy had intentionally elbowed him in the face earlier in the race or something, and he shoves the guy in the back just before the guy crosses the finish line and then tackles him once they are past the finish line and starts beating the crap out of him or something. So like, it's obvious the shove was because he was pissed off at the guy and trying to beat him up, and not that the guy told him to shove him from behind to improve his race time.

    And let's say the guy who got shoved from behind breaks the 800 meter world record by a hundredth of a second in this race.

    So the question is:

    1. Would the guy who got shoved from behind through the finishline and then tackled half a second later by the guy who shoved him and then savagely beaten up before the security guards pull the maniac that shoved him from behind off of him DQ'd, or not?


    2. Does his world record still count? Does it have an H* next to it? As in "human aided" or something?

    Has something similar to this ever happened, ever?

    What do you think they would do?


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    Grey Goose or Crown Royal?


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      So your answer is that they would be so distraught over trying to figure out how to make a proper ruling on this, that they would end up just giving up on trying to decide, and chugging some Grey Goose or Crown Royal instead?


      But let's, just for the sake of the argument, pretend they did make a ruling on it. What do you think their ruling would be?



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        Stand up and move away from the computer. It's okay, you'll be alright. Go over to the window and open the blinds. Take a look outside: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, people are walking and driving by, having fun. Go have a shower, a shave, get dressed and go out and join them. Go watch a movie or meet some friends for dinner. Go bowling or get some tickets to a game.

        This is an intervention because you've obviously been sitting at your computer way too long!

        PS The shovee would be DQ'ed for the elbow in the face earlier in the race ...


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            It is raining where I am, so I will confess to consider the question
            interesting. Anyone with a constructive answer?


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              Tell us first the previous course of events. Did you shove him? Did he shove you? Why? Which one of you got your common girlfriend pregnant? The possibilities, the possibilities...can't imagine how many.


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                I was a sophmore in highschool and running a 2 mile for the national postal team competition when a big 1/2 miler on my team , a senior, gave me a huge shove from behind with 2 laps to go. I almost fell down he pushed me so hard. It really helped me pick it up and probably helped my time by 5-10 seconds! I guess the time i ran was team aided. :shock:


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                  The Athiest wrote:[/b]
                  "And let's say the guy who got shoved from behind breaks the 800 meter world record by a hundredth of a second in this race."

                  So let me get this straight: Kipkeeter, Coe and Cruz are throwing elbows at eachother at world record pace, shoving down the stretch and brawling after crossing the line?
                  I know we've run these guys in a hypothetical dream race somewhere on these boards before. And the OP's query is intriguing. But I think the real question becomes...who wins the fight?
                  I say Cruz cleans their clocks.


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                    Originally posted by tandfman
                    My first TAFNY! :lol: Thank you!


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                      Human aided times, the wave of the future!!?!??? :shock: :shock: :lol:

                      Man, this would make for a good scene in a track and field movie though, hahaha.

                      I guess if you ever see this scene in a movie in the future, you guys will know who the screenwriter was! :twisted: