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2009 USATF: Hep - Diana Pickler 6290


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    This whole situation of choosing teams is a joke. I've paid the price and punched my ticket for Berlin.....and now I get Diana Pickler and Trey Hardee as our best hopes in the multi-events? Are you kidding me? We keep the Olympic Gold and Silver medalists at home in the interest of being "fair"? [email protected]$%*! You want to be fair, you send the proven, seasoned performers and don't penalize them for (at least in Clay's case) minor injuries. All this talk about bringing home the maximum medal count means nothing until the USATF wakes up and figures out a way to include deserving athletes who have the misfortune to have a single bad day (or an injury) at the trials. I mean no disrespect to either Hardee or Pickler, btw. I just want to see our best team out there.

    I know this subject has been beaten to death, but I feel violated; I'll be sitting in Berlin cheering on athletes who have zero chance of reaching the podium while two potential world champs sit at home. It may be fair in some persons' eyes, but it ain't right.


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      Originally posted by Moura
      Originally posted by pauluk63
      After Pickler and Day As no one who finished has the A Standard yet is Fountain not still likely to get a place? if wade and nelson miss 6100 which i cant see them getting?
      Wade got B by one point, so I think she got the spot for Berlin ... but the wind in two events (LJ and 200m) were very strong and I am not sure if this result counts for the standard.
      All wind speeds were below 4 mps, so the result is OK for qualifying purposes.
      Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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        how can possibly someone with a PR of 5900 in the heptathlon be competitive at the world meet while the olympic medalist stays home. this is a professional sport. send the best or dont send anyone at all...


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          I talked with Fountain today (Monday) and she said the injury was a strained muscle. She was wearing a neck brace and thought the injury might be ok in another two or three weeks. It happened during the high jump and then she aggravated it on her second long jump (which would have placed second in the open long jump).
          She also said it was very painful and had a hard time sleeping. What a tough break for her.