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2009 USATF: mHT - A.G. Kruger 247-01/75.31m


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  • 2009 USATF: mHT - A.G. Kruger 247-01/75.31m

    1. A.G. Kruger (Nike) 1
    2. Cory Martin (Nike) 5
    3. Jake Freeman (Iron Ball AC) 3
    4. Kibwe Johnson (unat) 7
    5. Walter Henning (LSU) nr
    6. Michael Mai (US Army) 6
    7. Chris Rohr (Missouri) nr
    8. Jesse Doty (Syracuse Chargers) nr
    9. Lucais MacKay (VS Athletics) 9
    10. Garland Porter (unat) nr

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    My pick:



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      Re: 2009 USATF: mHT

      A.G. Kruger
      Cory Martin
      Kibwe Johnson

      I just like Kibwe's name.


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        Anyone on site open to brides in order to provide updates for this. Since its during the mens PV I am pretty sure it is not an option for polevaultpower.


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          Originally posted by donley2
          Anyone on site open to brides in order to provide updates for this
          Isn't that against some White Slavery law?


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            Any updates?


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              Originally posted by donley2
              Any updates?
              Krueger won it and it seems Freeman was 2nd and Mai 3rd.


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                  1 A.G. Kruger                  Nike                    75.31m     247-01
                      72.90m  73.69m  73.65m  71.87m  75.31m  72.62m                      
                  2 Thomas Freeman               N Y A C                 74.64m     244-10
                      68.53m  74.64m  74.39m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                            
                  3 Michael Mai                  U.S. Army               73.80m     242-01
                      69.68m  70.92m  71.47m  70.21m  73.53m  73.80m                      
                  4 Cory Martin                  Nike                    71.68m     235-02
                      70.84m  FOUL  FOUL  69.29m  71.68m  71.28m                          
                  5 Walter Henning               L S U                   71.15m     233-05
                      FOUL  68.41m  70.90m  71.15m  FOUL  FOUL                            
                  6 Garland Porter               unattached              69.94m     229-05
                      69.43m  67.77m  68.78m  69.15m  69.94m  68.98m                      
                  7 Andrew Loftin                unattached              69.91m     229-04
                      69.91m  68.40m  FOUL  64.44m  69.47m  FOUL                          
                  8 Nicholas Welihozkiy          Pacific Bay             69.65m     228-06
                      FOUL  69.65m  69.59m  69.20m  69.60m  66.01m                        
                  9 Jesse Doty                   Syracuse Charger        68.05m     223-03
                      68.05m  FOUL  66.48m                                                
                 10 Chris Rohr                   Missouri                67.41m     221-02
                      67.41m  FOUL  66.09m                                                
                 11 Christopher Bryce            unattached              66.46m     218-00
                      66.46m  66.46m  62.86m                                              
                 12 Kevin Becker                 Shore Athletic Club     66.26m     217-05
                      FOUL  FOUL  66.26m                                                  
                 13 Jason Lewis                  Arizona State           66.05m     216-08
                      FOUL  66.05m  64.70m                                                
                 14 Luke Woydziak                Pacific Bay             65.79m     215-10
                      65.79m  FOUL  64.92m                                                
                 15 Boldizsar Kocsor             U C L A                 65.66m     215-05
                      65.66m  FOUL  64.28m                                                
                 16 Jason Morris                 unattached              65.43m     214-08
                      65.43m  64.95m  64.90m                                              
                 17 Joshua Fryman                unattached              65.20m     213-11
                      62.82m  65.20m  64.27m                                              
                 18 Drew Frizzell                Central Missouri        65.05m     213-05
                      63.20m  63.56m  65.05m                                              
                 19 David Paul                   unattached              64.91m     212-11
                      64.91m  FOUL  FOUL                                                  
                 20 Zach Hazen                   unattached              64.30m     210-11
                      61.87m  FOUL  64.30m                                                
                 21 Jacob Shanklin               Wyoming                 63.83m     209-05
                      FOUL  60.88m  63.83m                                                
                 22 John Freeman                 Georgia                 63.81m     209-04
                      62.19m  63.81m  63.34m                                              
                 23 Eugene Bradley               unattached              63.48m     208-03
                      63.48m  63.14m  FOUL                                                
                 24 Robert Klenk                 unattached              63.34m     207-10
                      61.08m  FOUL  63.34m                                                
                 25 Lucais MacKay                VS Athletics T C        63.16m     207-03
                      63.05m  62.01m  63.16m                                              
                 26 Bryan Tolcser                unattached              62.94m     206-06
                      62.94m  62.62m  FOUL                                                
                 27 Timothy Morse                unattached              62.50m     205-01
                      FOUL  62.50m  FOUL                                                  
                 28 Joseph Godell                Colorado State          61.40m     201-05
                      FOUL  58.45m  61.40m                                                
                 29 Mike Milakovic               Oregon Throw            61.13m     200-07
                      FOUL  FOUL  61.13m                                                  
                 30 Alexander Pessala            Princeton               59.96m     196-09
                      FOUL  59.96m  FOUL                                                  
                 31 Daniel Raithel               unattached              58.51m     191-11
                      58.51m  FOUL  55.89m                                                
                 -- Kibwe Johnson                N Y A C                   FOUL           
                      FOUL  FOUL  PASS                                                    
                 -- Nate Rolfe                   Georgia                   FOUL           
                      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL


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                  Originally posted by Moura
                  My pick:

                  I expected much more from Martin. HT still the worst US male throw event. Maybe in a couple of years Henning can change it.


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                    Moura, make that McCullough and I will agree with you.