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2009 USATF: m100 - Michael Rodgers 9.91w


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  • Originally posted by Bruce Kritzler
    Dix fired his coach, Terry Long, a couple of months ago, and is obviously not in shape.
    I also wondered about that and how it may have played a part in his injury?
    The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14


    • [quote=The Atheist]
      Originally posted by croflash
      Originally posted by justblaze1011
      Originally posted by croflash
      Originally posted by EZSum
      Originally posted by "t_monk":zi4ndo0l
      wow.... dix is out...
      Saw that coming after yesterday. Has he been injured?
      He always looks kind of bulky, but judging from the pictures it didn't appear like he was hundred percent in shape.
      Dude, he was in shape, its called a injury!!!
      If you are injured, you are obviously not in your best shape, what kind of logic is that ?

      Happy for Rodgers to get the win and ticket.
      I think the reason you guys are arguing is that you are using two different meanings of the word "shape"

      The meaning of "shape" that justblaze was using was the body itself. Like, are you fat, and your muscle mass smaller than normal, or are you good and lean with almost all muscle and low body fat percentage and lots of muscle mass.

      The meaning of shape you were using, croflash, was like when a person gets in a car accident and you ask "Oh, how is he doing" and the doctor is like "Not good, he's in real bad shape, a metal rod smashed through his shoulder, he lost a lot blood"

      It is possible to be in perfect "shape" (using the meaning of shape justblaze was referring to) and then someone cuts your head off with a sword while you are warming up. Obviously you will be in "bad shape" using the meaning that croflash was using, but the body itself (headless as it may be) would still be in perfect shape via the body fat/muscle mass definition.

      So basically, what they are trying to say is, that they don't think the problem was that Dix's muscle mass was down, due to not working out, or that he was fat, due to not training or working out, rather, that his body was fine, and he was good and fit and everything but that his hamstring tweaked out on him, making it impossible for him to run fast.

      Sorta like how Tyson Gay was in perfect shape last year when he hurt his hamstring in Eugene, but, he lost that 200m semi-final in Eugene due to an INJURY not due to being physically out of shape. Do you get what they are saying?[/quote:zi4ndo0l]

      THANK YOU!!! Got some friggin idiots on this board I swear!!! I mean its not that hard to figure out you know.


      • Originally posted by polevaultpower
        I have to pick Mike Rodgers for the win
        Yes Mike won in a wind aided pr 9.91 WTG to this NAIA STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • Originally posted by RamGoat
          I knew Dix was't going to make it, a looooong time ago.. He just never looked right. I just couldn't fathom how people were matching him up to Challenge Powell..crazy... My Bets were always on Rogers.
          :? His first 100m of the year was 10.00 into a -1.1 then he ran 10.07 in his 2nd 100m race. Maybe people match him up again Powell because he whooped him in the Olympics..duh!!!

          Please explain your "logic" to me. :?


          • Originally posted by TrackDaddy
            Originally posted by NumberCruncher
            What college did Rodgers run for?
            Real small school. Oklahoma Baptist or something like that.

            He ran NAIA, I believe
            He ran for Lindenwold before then he transferred to Oklahoma Baptist.Both schools are NAIA had a chance to attend Jackson St but the current coach screwed him over so he returned to the NAIA ranks.


            • Originally posted by Marlow
              Originally posted by t_monk
              How is that relay line up looking?
              Add Padgett and Gay and we got a deal.

              I'd think hard about having

              Padgett (Holliday could run a early round here)
              Patton (Rae)
              I think it's very possible that Spearmon could end up on this thing.
              If so, I think:

              If not:


              • Originally posted by jeremyp
                Originally posted by frontrunner
                I am Powell's and Bolt's biggest fan. But right now I am worried about Tyson.

                I would not bet against Tyson winning the 100/200 double at WC. I think he is that dangerous and focused. I know the wind was 3.4 but damn, 9.75 has got to mean something.

                One love.
                Cool your jets, you're getting Eugenavenilation. Bolt has nothing to worry about from Gay unless he gets a bad start, a really bad start, in the 100.
                Has nothing to worry about at all :lol: :lol:


                • Originally posted by EZSum
                  Originally posted by dakota
                  Gay is going to duplicate that 9.68 irrespective of wind. People need to understand that.
                  I don't think Gay's ever run faster than 9.82 basic so I think I'll have some of what you're smoking please.
                  Another funny post!!! :lol:


                  • Cool your jets, you're getting Eugenavenilation.
                    We've seen the end of this nonsense, I think. Gay's legit.
                    You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!