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100 years of High School Track & Field Champs in Jamaica


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  • 100 years of High School Track & Field Champs in Jamaica

    the sensationalists and book sellers will peddle the genetic stuff but what is not in doubt is the 100 years of stellar high school track and field competition in jamaica.
    the level of this competition was established from it's inception in 1910 by the 100 yards class 1 champion, Norman Manley whose 10 flat would have qualified him for the 1912 olympics final if he had not instead opted for an equally illustrious academic vocation (Rhodes scholar, lawyer) and politician - founder of the People's National Party and subsequent national Hero. of Jamaica.

    For more history, see ilnk below. ... arts2.html

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    10 flat

    who was the first to run EVENS for 100yds?
    (W.C.Wilmer 1878 is wikianswer)
    Tom Hyland:
    "squack and wineturtle get it"


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      I don't think he was saying Micheal Manley was the first to run 100yd dash. Micheal Manley is the first guy to win 100yd dash at Jamaica Boys and Girls Championships back in 1910. Boys and Girls Championships as played a great roll in developing Jamaican track stars. 100 years and still going strong in 2010, and I'm glad I was able to experience the atmosphere at Champs and the memories are great!!

      Jamaica just keep producing world class athletes years after years and Champs is the BACKBONE of that. This will continue 100 more years, and Jamaica will continue to produce world beaters, when we all dead and gone.