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  • I just found a link to Novlene's 50.21 400m at the Jam trials. She looked in great form. It's an amateur video but still good video.

    Novelene Williams wiunnignthe 400m finals at the jamaican trials for the world championships 2009 in Berlin Germany


    • Originally posted by rasb
      Originally posted by Sportsfanx1
      Yeah, it's great that they coming into form and they are still young, so overall this is great for Jamaica in general. SAF is having the upper hand on them on the senior level and sure she is loving it. Facey said, she hasn't been running much this season because of her studies, but she is ready to just focus on her running before Berlin. Her personal best is 22.25 (2008), if she run that again or close to it she will be in finals in Berlin. McLaughlin has a lot of work to do, and glad to see she running close to her high school days form. She is a World Junior 200m silver medallist, not so long she's no chop liver!

      If the two Vere Technical alumni VCB and Facey make it to the 200m final in Berlin, this will be a nice boast to the student body at Vere. Maybe they be day this will be me.
      So, how many students would attend Vere Technical, and over what range of Grades? And would other top Jamaican High Schools be similar?
      What a great thing, to have so many wonderful sprinters !
      The girl's school to beat at champs is Holmwood... the Holmwood team is and has been vitrually unstoppable for the last couple of years and from my guess unless a whole hoard of them get sticken by some illness coming into the championships... they will CONTINUE to decimate the competition.

      One of the reasons I believe SAF never got the props she deserved during High School is because even though she was one of the top 3 female sprinters in the island in her age group, she never went to a school known for necessarily competing for top honors at the championships. Holmwood and Vere constantly competing for 1st and 2nd at the championships back then made the Facey/McClaughlan focus far more prudent than Facey/McClaughlan/SAF focus seeing that Wolmer's girls (competing for 5th usually) were known more for their academics (placing top in the island numerous time) instead of their prowess in athletics. It was more prudent for Facey and McClaughlan to take athletics more seriously due to just how closely the schools would finish in respects to each other and points.