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Olymppians Commemorated W/ Street Names (UK)


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  • Olymppians Commemorated W/ Street Names (UK)

    ISHPES SportHist Listserv

    I'm collating a list of British Olympians - form any date, and from summer and winter games - who have had streets named after them. Examples include Tommy Green Walk in Eastleigh, and Lillian Board Way, Tessa Sanderson Way, and Hemery Road in Greenford. If you know of any examples, it would be great to hear from you.

    Many thanks


    Dr Martin Polley
    Senior Lecturer in Sport
    University of Southampton
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    ISHPES SportHist Listserv

    Last year I did the same for Dutch Olympians - over 100 streets in the
    Netherlands. Can we share these names? We can even make an international

    Jurryt van de Vooren


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      Paula Radcliffe has a street named after her. ... ay_270.jpg

      Overseas, most Ethiopians of stature have streets named after them and I know Mutola and Kim Collins have streets named after them.


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        Heck, Irving Berlin has a whole World Championships city named after him.


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          here's a olympian street in clapham in london

          i want to move here :-)

 ... street.jpg
          i deserve extra credit


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            On The Street Where You Live Forever

            ISHPES SportHist Listserv

            Very good idea to make a Wiki with all the names of Olympians commemoratedwith street names! With the same idea I started a Google Map with the samesubject. It's on You can share and add your local Olympians with streetnames (or squares, astadion, a grave, whatever). You can also add pictures, movies, comments,memories to make it even more special. So we can make a worldwide Olympicmap. So start now on

            Jurryt van de VoorenOlympic Stadium Amsterdam


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              Canadian Olympians Commem.

              ISHPES SportHist Listserv

              ISHPES SportHist Listserv

              I believe that a list of Canadian Olympians commemorated with Street Names could be compiled.Wikipedia could be a good site to store the international lists. It may be a good idea to include the status since street names change periodically. I recall the controversy when locals voted to rename the Dave 'Eli' MacEachern street, which they found too long.

              Canadian Examples include:

              Dave 'Eli' MacEachern (Bobsled), Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
              Glenroy Gilbert, (4x100-metre men's relay; two-man and four-man bobsled) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
              Sue Holloway, (cross-country skiing and kayaking) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada