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  • Highlights from Joensuu:

    1. Brittany Anderson JAM 12.71 WJR (+1.3)
    2. Annimari Korte 12.72 NR
    3. Reetta Hurske 12.78 PB (also under old NR)


    Neziri bumped from #1 to #3 in one go. She ran 12.95 in the heats but missed the final.

    1. Magnus Kirt EST 87.35
    2. Antti Ruuskanen 80.79
    3. Lassi Etelätalo 80.72

    1. Topi Raitanen 7:52.82

    1. Tatsiana Khaladovich BLR 64.82

    Full results here.


    • Really enjoyed the Joensuu meeting. That 100H was an awesome race and what a fairy tale for Annimari Korte who retired in 2013 but started her comeback in 2017.

      No mention for another Camilla Richardsson PB? This time in the Steeple - 9:35.27 to win a good quality race with NCAA D2 champion Alicja Konieczek (POL) 2nd in a 9:36.09 PB (a 5 second PB). Also a 5 second PB for Lizzie Bird (GBR) in 4th, 9:36.84. She's at San Francisco Uni. New Mexico's Adva Cohen was 5th, 9:38.01 SB.


      • Thanks for pointing that out, I was away most of the day and didn't catch that either live or looking over the results.


        • Highlights from the NCs (Kalevan kisat) in Lappeenranta:

          1. Maria Huntington 6339 PB (national U23 record, #3 FIN all-time)
          2. Miia Sillman 6048
          3. Jutta Heikkinen 5952
          4. Hertta Heikkinen 5926

          It was clear from her marks in individual events this year that Huntington had big upside in the hep, and she had an excellent series here, no bad events and several event PBs (including 13.09/+0.6 in the hurdles, itself #5 FIN all-time), got the Doha qualifier too. Sillman was pretty close to her 6200-point pace from the Universiade through five events, but couldn't reproduce the 50-meter JT and probably wasn't as motivated in the 800.

          1. Taika Koilahti 669/+1.6 PB (#3 FIN all-time)

          Nice to see another PB, she hadn't been quite at her best the last few meets. Narrowly missed the Doha qualifier, but she's currently ranked 25th out of 32 so this might be enough.

          1. Lassi Etelätalo 84.11 SB (WC qualifier)
          2. Antti Ruuskanen 82.57
          3. Toni Kuusela 79.53

          Etelätalo retook the lead (and got the WCq) on the last throw of the competition, after being overtaken by Ruuskanen in round 5. (Helander and Ruuskanen have already been selected; Helander missed the NCs with a side injury but should be back to competition soon. Kuusela has the Q too, and Pitkämäki might still be eyeing it but no one really seems to know when he'll return to competition.)

          1. Reetta Hurske 13.05 (-0.2)
          2. Nooralotta Neziri 13.05
          3. Annimari Korte 13.12
          4. Matilda Bogdanoff 13.15

          Second time Hurske and Neziri almost dead-heated at the NCs this year (also happened indoors), they needed several minutes to figure out who won. Times not as good as was hoped for maybe; though it was pretty much the only race the whole weekend with a headwind, and Korte in particular would have liked warmer weather.

          Full results here.


          • Finland placed 11th out of 12 in the Super League, sadly that probably counts as a good result rather than a bad one. Highlights included Simo Lipsanen's 2nd in the TJ with a 16.76 SB, Topi Raitanen's 2nd behind European leader Fernando Carro in the SC and Sara Kuivisto's two 4th places in the 800/1500, the former with a 2:01.85 PB which is the best time by a Finn since 2000 and #5 all-time. Camilla Richardsson was also 4th in the women's steeple. (Kristiina Mäki was 3rd in the 1500, she represents the Czech Republic internationally but is a Finnish citizen and competes in Finland regularly, including at the Finnish NCs.)

            Ella Junnila's DNS with an ankle injury stands out on the negative side, it's supposedly fairly minor but I do wish her ankles stopped doing this, it's not the first time this year.


            Pitkämäki will not go to Doha, will decide later if he's still motivated for Tokyo.
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            • My usual assessment of the Finnish team. This year I'm just rating everybody's chances on a scale of slim to none, there isn't really any reason to go beyond that.


              Elmo Lakka (PB 13.49/'19) - chances: none

              Last-minute entry. Although his PB was set in ideal conditions at La Chaux-de-Fonds, he's clearly been in career-best form this year and is usually pretty consistent; the goal for him should be to run 13.5x and see where that gets him.

              Topi Raitanen (PB 8:21.47/'19) - chances: slim

              Raitanen's had a good season, but his training was disturbed by an illness in the run-up to Doha, which is obviously bad; I'm not sure how much more he has in the tank. Even so, he should be one of the better athletes on this team, I hope he makes the final and gets two good races at one meet.

              Simo Lipsanen (PB 17.14/'17 - SB 16.98i) - chances: slim

              Very slim; he just hasn't looked good this year since the first couple indoor meets; and his track record at big meets hasn't been great so far. Still, the potential for a decent result is there if he somehow finds his best form again.

              Oliver Helander (PB 88.02/'18 - SB 86.93) - chances: slim
              Antti Ruuskanen (PB 88.98/'15 - SB 85.15) - chances: slim
              Lassi Etelätalo (PB 84.98/'14 - SB 84.11) - chances: slim

              Helander is, in theory, the young upcoming guy with lots of talent. In practice he seems to be the young upcoming guy with lots of talent for getting injured; his results have not been good since his latest return from the scratch list (that he's picked up new injuries since then does not help). Even so, he's our #1 thrower here on paper, and does have tons of potential.

              Ruuskanen is a great big meet thrower, he's never missed a final when he's been at a big meet, and has only missed the top 8 once. Unfortunately age and injuries have sapped his form, I don't have a lot of confidence in him this time; though he's not someone you can ever count out; it wouldn't surprise me if he made the final again, or at least beat the other Finns.

              Etelätalo won at the NCs and has been in his best form since 2014, when he was a surprise 4th at the Euros. The problem is that he usually gets his best throws in round 6, which isn't conducive to making the Doha final.

              Veli-Matti "Aku" Partanen (PB 3:44:43/'18 - SB 3:46.54) - chances: slim
              Jarkko Kinnunen (PB 3:46:25/'12 - SB 3:51.16) - chances: none

              The form of walkers is always hard to assess. Partanen hasn't been breaking short-distance NRs this year like he did last year, and out of his last three WC/OG 50s he has two DNFs and one DQ, so it's hard to feel particularly hopeful. But if for once he finishes, and keeps his meals in his stomach, his chances of a top 8 finish are as good as anybody's on this team. Kinnunen is many years past his peak, though he's had some encouraging results in 2019.


              Sara Kuivisto (PBs 2:01.85/'19-4:08.96/'18; SB 4:09.25) - chances: none

              Kuivisto has been in career-best shape this year, but her training has been pretty chaotic lately; she's trained mostly for the 800, but originally only got a spot in the 1500, so she started training for that; and now she's training for the 800 again. I actually think her chances would have been better in the 1500; although she has a decent kick and good racing smarts, you can only get so far on that when almost everybody in the field has more wheels.

              Annimari Korte (PB 12.72/'19) - chances: slim
              Reetta Hurske (PB 12.78/'19) - chances: slim
              Nooralotta Neziri (PB 12.81/'16 - SB 12.90) - chances: slim

              Korte has been by far in her best shape this year, with several other good races besides the NR from Joensuu. She's also had bad races though; she's the least consistent of our hurdlers, especially in suboptimal conditions. Hurske has improved her finishes a lot this year and been reliable around 13-flat; but the 12.78 is still an outlier, and she'll need to get close to that again to get places in Doha. Neziri is solid and has the most experience at this level. It's anybody's guess which of them will be the best on any given day, though the warmth and potential tailwinds of Doha likely favor Korte.

              Camilla Richardsson (PB 9:35.27/'19) - chances: none

              She's had a good year, but is very unlikely to make it past the heats in Doha, even allowing that once you get past the Kenyans and the Americans the field isn't very deep.

              Alisa Vainio (PB 2:33:24/'15) - chances: none
              Anne-Mari Hyryläinen (PB 2:28:53/'18 - SB 2:35.05) - chances: none

              Nothing to see here, except maybe a 19-year age gap. It's a pity (if unsurprising) how many problems Vainio's had, still hasn't regained the form she had as a 17-year-old.

              Taika Koilahti (PB 669/'19) - chances: none

              She's taken a big jump forward this year but her form's been a bit hit-and-miss, with very promising results interspersed with bad ones. The realistic main target for her this year was the Euro U23s, not the WCs; unfortunately she fouled out in the final there.

              Kristiina Mäkelä (PB 14.38i/'19) - chances: slim

              Mäkelä was really good indoors but has struggled to replicate that form outdoors. She has a good record in big meet qualifying rounds though, so making the final is a realistic goal.

              Ella Junnila (PB 195/'19) - chances: slim

              She's had an excellent year when she's been on; but she isn't always on, and I still wish her ankles were less prone to playing up. Could make the final if she's on in the qualifying.

              Wilma Murto (PB 471i/'16 - SB 451) - chances: none

              The potential hasn't gone anywhere, but based on this year's results, nope.

              Krista Tervo (PB 70.18/'19) - chances: none

              She's been inconsistent this year, with some very underwhelming results; but her most recent meet (the Finnish U23s) was a promising 70.00. Still though, would be a big surprise if she moved past the qualifying.

              Maria Huntington (PB 6339/'19) - chances: slim

              Huntington has looked very good throughout the year, in spite of some injury worries. The 6339 already felt like she tapped most of her upside; but maybe if she has a really good two days in Doha she could challenge Satu Ruotsalainen's NR of 6404 from Tokyo '91.

              Tiia Kuikka (PB 4:29:25/'19) - chances: none



              • The Finnish season has been slowly starting over the last couple weeks; but the first big results came today, in the HT at Somero. On the women's side, Krista Tervo broke her own NR by almost two meters with 71.93. On the men's side, Aaron Kangas threw a massive 77.09, his previous PB was 74.59 from February.

                Did not really expect such huge improvements from either of them, at least not all in one go, hopefully we can see them both follow up on this. Aaron Kangas is the younger brother of 20.30 SP man Arttu Kangas.
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                • Nice tailwinds in Somero


                  • Originally posted by LopenUupunut View Post
                    On the women's side, Krista Tervo broke his own NR by almost two meters with 71.93.
                    Sounds like another Semenya-esque controversy is on the way here 😁
                    Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


                    • Oops, fixed


                      • Highlights from Lahti (the first meet here this year to somewhat resemble a normal meet, though the program was very sparse):

                        w100H - 1. Annimari Korte 12.84/+1.1 WL
                        m200H - 1. Oskari Mörö 23.24/+0.3 (NR)
                        m3000 - 1. Topi Raitanen 7:52.89


                        • Originally posted by LopenUupunut View Post
                          Highlights from Lahti (the first meet here this year to somewhat resemble a normal meet, though the program was very sparse):

                          w100H - 1. Annimari Korte 12.84/+1.1 WL
                          She looked fantastically sharp in that race.


                          • Enjoyed watching the Lahti meeting earlier. YLE always do an excellent job with their broadcasts.

                            It's just great to have some proper athletics back on our screens rather than the gimmicky "garden" stuff. 😀


                            • More big HT marks from Somero. Sure seems they have ideal conditions there!

                              1. Aaron Kangas 77.82 PB

                              1. Krista Tervo 72.12 NR
                              2. Silja Kosonen 71.34 NJR, NU23R

                              Kosonen was born in December '02, her previous PB was 67.99 from last month. Moved to #2 on the FInnish all-time list.


                              • Kosonen is already closing in on Kamila Skolimowska's European U20 record (71.71). And she'll still be a U20 next year...
                                Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...