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  • Espoo:

    1. Aaron Kangas 79.05 PB (#3 FIN all-time)
    2. Eivind Henriksen NOR 76.13 SB

    1. Gina Lückenkemper GER 11.37 SB (+1.2)
    2. Lotta Kemppinen 11.45 PB

    Full results here.


    • What's in the water that Finnish HTers are drinking this year?
      Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


      • Originally posted by Powell View Post
        What's in the water that Finnish HTers are drinking this year?
        Don't know, but they'll have to keep drinking it for a while more to catch up with their Polish counterparts

        Highlights from the Paavo Nurmi Games in Turku:

        1. Johannes Vetter GER 91.49 WL
        2. Andreas Hofmann GER 85.24

        1. Daniel Ståhl SWE 69.23 (5th throw measured as 70.20 but apparently DQ'd later)
        2. Andrius Gudžius LTU 66.39
        3. Kristjan Čeh SLO 66.07

        1. Topi Raitanen 8:22.46 SB

        1. Melissa Courtney-Bryant GBR 4:03.69 SB

        1. Andy Pozzi GBR 13.17 WL (+1.1)
        2. Wilhem Belocian FRA 13.38

        1. Nadine Visser NED 12.68 WL (+1.2)
        2. Luminosa Bogliolo ITA 12.79 SB

        Full results here.
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        • I find Pozzi, at least outdoors, a rather frustrating athlete, prone to messing up in the later stages of major races. He appears to be in the best form of his life in a season with no majors. Not that he is showing world-beating form, but he is showing the form of a more likely than not Olympic/World finalist or European/Commonwealth medalist.


          • Finnish NCs were in Turku this weekend.

            Overall results somewhat disappointing, both the depth and the top-end were lacking, though there were some promising marks. Frantz Kruger (yes, he's still around!) won the mDT with 58.38, becoming the oldest Finnish champion ever at age 45. Annemari Kiekara (formerly Sandell and Sandell-Hyvärinen) won a double in the w5000 and w10000 at 43, she still holds the NRs for both distances from 1996. Good for them that they're still the best a couple decades past their peaks - and it shows just how good they were in their prime - but at the same time it's a pretty sad indictment of everybody else.

            wTJer Senni Salminen skipped her speciality with a slight injury but won the LJ with a massive PB of 656, unfortunately it doesn't sound like we'll get to see her TJ form this year. Hopefully she can return to it next year and seriously push Kristiina Mäkelä, who looked very out of sorts here.

            Maria Huntington was hoping to challenge Satu Ruotsalainen's NR (6404) in the wHep, unfortunately her good form in the individual events this year did not really come through in a multi. She had a couple very sub-par events - especially the LJ - en route to a 6074 win, and seemed both mentally and physically exhausted by the end. Saga Vanninen ('03) was second with 5861 (a national under-18 and under-20 record), they have the same coach. WUG champion Miia Sillman was on an okay pace despite injury problems but had to quit after her first jump in the LJ.

            Aaron Kangas was solid with a 76.94 win, not as brilliant as in Espoo but it did seem like he just nailed that 79 perfectly there.

            Full results here.


            Topi Raitanen ran a PB of 8:16.57 in Monaco, missed the NCs to be there. He had a somewhat disappointing start to the season but has looked a bit more in-form since then.


            • Pori, wHT:
              1. Kati Ojaloo 71.50 (Estonian NR)

              I guess the sudden Finnish HT boom isn't limited to throwers who actually represent Finland Ojaloo lives in Finland but is an Estonian citizen, I think she competes in both countries' NCs now.