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    Originally posted by justblaze1011
    Originally posted by DentyCracker
    I believe Jamaica's 4x100 relay teams will be

    Steve Mullings to Michael Frater to Usain Bolt to Asafa Powell
    I believe this team can run 36.9x (or faster) with good exchanges.
    Before you jump on my back let me explain.
    Mullings is a better curve runner than Nesta (who missed the break last year in Beijing) and his 20.01 says he carries his speed arpund the curve. So Michael will get the baton around .1 ahead of where he got it last year. I am assuming Michael is as good as last year so runs a similar leg. Bolt is well ...Bolt he kills his leg and Asafa is fine with better speed distribution than last year.
    With the pool USA have I can't see them ahead after 3 legs unless Gay runs 3rd and if ahead less than a metre. Less than a metre behind anyone not named Gay or Bolt Asafa murders them and wins going away.

    Shelly-Ann Fraser to Kerron Stewart to Simone Facey to Veronica Campbell-Brown.
    I believe this is the order they will use as they want VCB on anchor.
    SAF in championship mode leads , Kerron opens it (if toe is ok) Facey loses most maybe all of it and VCB cleans up WHOEVER.
    **As he wakes up from the loud alarm clock going off**
    Exactly and someone slaps him as well...LOL
    on the road