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•an attempt to sort out the A-B situation for Berlin•


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  • Originally posted by Chrome Dome
    So, to recap a bit, excluding the walks, there will be at least 3 entries in each event except:

    men's HT - 2
    women's 5K - 2
    women's JT - 2
    women's TJ - 2

    Is this right?
    Does anybody know?
    there are 3 in the men's hammer... Jake Freeman gets an IAAF A for winning the NACAC title (area champion)


    • Originally posted by az2004
      for vessey, getting the timing of her kick just right is so problematic..

      you have eugene, trials, where she finished fast, but in 4th...

      monaco, the russian fades...
      The Russian had taken the lead early and been leading long - if she had not faded she would have been in 1:56 territory, so fading is to be expected, not seen as a very fortunate thing she lucked into. Winning one of these can happen by luck (though not many Americans have won any by luck or any other means very often until this year), but winning four is a sign that it is not just luck.