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Cut The Testosterone (in coaching that is!)


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  • Cut The Testosterone (in coaching that is!)

    press release


    COLUMBUS, OH - May 12, 2003 - Fifteen varsity players and two coaches
    were suspended Wednesday from the Massapequa High School baseball team
    in Long Island after the district learned the players made a late-
    night journey to a Florida strip club during a spring break trip,
    officials said. Sports councilor and "The Parent's Playbook" (July
    2002) author Christopher Stankovich, Ph.D. says, "It's time we delute
    some of the testosterone and empower women to get MORE involved in
    youth sports."

    "In an activity where male coaches drive kids to physical breakdowns
    and dads kill each other over games, we desperately need the balancing
    influence of women," Stankovich says.

    Dr. Stankovich is available for national interviews and can detail:

    - How women have a better attitude toward sports than men - playing
    games for enjoyment and exercise, rather than a testosterone-driven
    need to win
    - 10 female traits that today's sports could use such as anti-
    violence, compassion, and fairness
    - The myths and realities of youth sports
    - How all parents can help their children reach peak performance on
    and off the field
    - Top 10 tips for parents with children in sports
    - The sports parent test: Dr. Stankovich asks 15 questions that help
    determine if you're an encouraging, discouraging, aiding, or
    sabotaging your kids at sports, and analogously, in their life goals

    A book that is long overdue, The Parent's Playbook is a comprehensive
    and interactive manual designed to address nearly every critical issue
    faced by parents and coaches of children involved in youth sports. The
    book gives parents and coaches the tools they need to create a fun and
    enriching sporting environment, develop essential communications
    skills, and help children achieve peak-performance in both sports and
    life. Legendary Coach and Football Hall of Famer, Chuck Klausling,
    says it's "A must-have book for parents."

    Dr. Stankovich is the founder of Champion Athletic Consulting, a sport
    psychology/athletic counseling center in Columbus, Ohio. He has
    appeared on ABC's "World News Tonight" and FamilyNet's "At home-
    Live!", and has been interviewed for USA Today, San Francisco
    Chronicle, New York Post, ESPN, and the American Psychological
    Association Monitor magazine, among others.