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Hats off to coach Brauman.


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  • Hats off to coach Brauman.

    Just remembered seeing VCB off the curve of the 200m final at the Ja. trials looking like the 200m was a 200m stretch. T'was so beautiful, then I started trying to to recall when was the last time I saw someone dissect a curve like that and I flashed back to the Ja. Invitational about 3years ago when I saw Tyson live for the first time, and I nearly shivered when I remembered him treating the curve like a physics experiment in centripetal and centrifugal forces, BOY WAS HE EXPERT. And since that time I never took finish line seats if ever I knew eitherof the two would be running the deuce.

    I say brauman is the Guru behind this given the inherent human nature to make a mistake (eg. VCB in 2005, terrible off the curb) or suffer terrible injuries (tyson in 2008). Hence invariably, it will require someone to whip the athlete in the form required to make running fluid and that, Mr. Brauman can do.