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Klüft Injured Again, Likely Will Miss World Champs, Season


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    Originally posted by imaginative
    Conclusions: 1. We have actually been quite lucky in terms of good second
    placers in the Klüft era. 2. Lewis was quite lucky that Klüft was not around
    in 2000. 3. Barber was correspondingly unlucky in 2003/2005.
    And Kluft was lucky to become world's no. 1 as a junior in 2002, because the competition was so poor that year. Of course she was a more than worthy no. 1 for the next 5 years.
    Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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      Lewis was lucky Kluft wasn't around in 2000? I'm pretty sure Kluft was a competing athlete in 2000! By the same token you could say lucky for Kluft she wanst competing between 86 and 92! Different eras of athletes, the Lewis era was 97-01, Kluft was competing after that, so it's a non starter. What you have to do is look at athletes from the same era, and in that Barber was unlucky in Sydney to get injured and DNF in Edmonton, while Prokhorova was very lucky with her win.


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        Just as a short background: Over the years I have again and again heard it
        claimed in various contexts that ``Klüft is great, but she is lucky that
        everyone else is so poor right now.''---this even after her 2003 season.
        The names of Barber and Lewis (who tried to gain back her shape for several
        years after 2001) were mentioned particularly often. (Obviously, someone
        who is not a Swedish Klüft-fanatic may not have noticed.) My post goes
        against these claims, and should not be seen as an attempt to pick at
        individual athletes or eras. I apologize, if I stepped on any toes.

        Further, while the competition in 2002 was unusally weak, this is nothing
        unusual for an EC year (cf. e.g.
        and even in somewhat stronger competition she would have highly likely to
        medal---with a non-neglectable chance to win. The 1998 EC, notably, was won
        by Lewis in 6559 to Klüft's 6542 in 2002.


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          You've not stepped on my toes. You make some valid points, particularly about the 2nd place marks. My point is that you cannot say Lewis was lucky in 2000 with no Kluft, because as I said, that's just like saying Kluft was lucky not to be competing 86-92. It's just pointless.

          It's obviously not Kluft's fault that the overall standard of the heptathlon was a bit iffy between 02 and 07. You compete against who's there at the time, and she beat Barber with some great scores and competition. I just personally wish Kluft hadn't lef the heptathlon after 07, because there is a handful of talented girls that could challenge her.


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            Klüft his out for at least 6 months. Severe damage in her thigh after her competition yesterday.


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              Story now linked on front page says it's so bad it requires surgery. Yikes!